Friday, September 02, 2011

Yuuki Aoi's Drawing in Madoka Staff Doujin

Calling themselves Madoka-ya, numerous staff members -- animators, illustrators, seiyuus -- involved with the Madoka Magika anime released a doujin of illustrations at Comiket last month. It sold out in two hours, priced at just under $20. Within hours, however, copies were being resold in stores and over the Internet for $200-$300 each.

One of the seiyuus whose drawings are featured is Yuuki Aoi. She contributed this somewhat steamy illustration of personifications of Kyuube and the witch Charlotte:

Other contributors included director Akiyuki Shinbou (click images to enlarge):

Character designer Aoki Ume:

Seiyuus Mizuhashi Kaori (left) and Kitamura Eri:

Illustrators Chloe Mura (left) and Hanokage:

 The line-up to buy the doujin was ridiculous:

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myswordisunbelievablydull said...

Wow, talk about a hell of a cool prize! I can't believe Yuuki Aoi is such a great artist :O and leave it to Shinbo to draw every single image with a tilted head!

KINGRPG said...

I like this picture, I love Madoka story and anime characters

abandonedfactory said...

I am so glad Aoi's drawings are coming out. How awesome would it be if she started a second career as an artist? She is incredibly young still, so she has time for two or three careers after this one. Maybe she'll end up being prime minister or something as well. So much talent packed in a tiny little package.

Matteas said...

Oh, I didn't know Madokaya's doujinshi was made as a collaboration of staff and cast. Now it makes sense why everyone wanted to get it. I want a copy too!! XD

hashi said...

@Matteas -- I've done a bit more reading, and I think there were some outsiders, too. But lots of staff and some cast members. Nonaka Ai and Katou Emiri were also in there. The complete list is in this post (click image to enlarge).

@abandonedfactory -- Ao-chan's drawing was excellent -- inventive and interesting -- but I don't think she's as sharp as the professional illustrators. Maybe at the same level as KitaEri, maybe not. Probably not up to Inoue Marina's level. But better than the other well-known seiyuu illustrator, Gotou Yuuko, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the Charlotte personification she drew is actually a boy. If this is true, does this means she is a fujioshi afterall?

hashi said...

@anonymous -- I think the figure is female, but she certainly is a bit ambiguous. And I do think Ao-chan has some fujoshi interest. I seem to remember that she once said she was not a fujoshi but had read some fujoshi stuff from friends. Nice way of putting it. And she once used a term (美形 bikei "pretty") used in BL.

In fact, Ao-chan herself has an adolescent boy side. Her favorite games are fighting games, probably partly due to her father, who is a game company executive, and with whom she has always been pretty close.