Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yuuki Aoi's Gosick Dolls: Victorique and Kujou

In a blog post last June, Yuuki Aoi showed us pictures of her new Gosick dolls, Super Dollfie versions of Victorique and Kujou.

She says she already has several Dollfie dolls: a male Super Dollfie, male and female Mini-Super Dollfies, and a male large Dollfie. 

She likes the military-style outfit on Kujou, but would like a Monstre Charmant outfit for Victorique -- and more pink.

These dolls are a big deal, at $700 each. The mini versions are $400. And check out the website (USA, Japan, Japan English) for all the accessories. They aren't cheap: a wig for $40, jeans and a jean jacket for $50. As the company says, the doll is "another you."

Here is a good page for explaining Super Dollfie. I think Ao-chan's two dolls are 26 and 23 inches tall.


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