Sunday, October 23, 2011

Characters and Seiyuus -- Guilty Crown

Here's another characters/seiyuus page. This time for Guilty Crown.

I've enjoyed the first two episodes a lot. The show is directed by Araki Tetsurou, the director of Death Note, and written by  Yoshino Hiroyuki, the writer of Mai-HiME and assistant writer of Code Geass. I wondered how those two would combine, and I'm afraid I like the Araki aspects -- the sharp direction and great backgrounds and animation -- more than the writing.

The basic story is too much like Code Geass, especially for someone like me who didn't enjoy that show very much: after a virulent epidemic that caused panic and death in Japan, a consortium of outside countries has taken over government of Japan. There is an underground movement fighting them that somehow has its own heavy weapons.

For me, Kayano Ai's performance as the Net singer Inori is one of the great charms of the show. And so is the barely-clad rebel Inori herself. But she is very soft-spoken and obedient and the furthest thing imaginable from a feminist heroine, except for her courage in carrying out her commander's orders. So I can't really answer those who find her boring and backward, except to say I am enjoying her so far. For me, Kayanon is giving her soul.

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Dakuro said...

I just watch the 3 third episode and i like it a lot, i hope the four chapter will not disappoint me and also hope that the anime will be long.
About the cast i really have no complains, some of them had act in good animes, but is the first time i see Inori, thanks