Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Anime Popularity in Japan and in the West

Here's a quick tabulation of posts that gives some idea of how popular the various fall anime are in Japan and abroad.

Fate/Zero is the clear winner in Japan -- although Shana may be a close competitor. It's not possible to tell how many of its 242 threads of posts are for earlier series.

Gundam AGE seems to be far more interesting to posters abroad than it is in Japan. Horizon and Persona 4 are a bit more popular in Japan than overseas.

Anyway, here are the figures:

2channel (thousand-post threads)

Fate/Zero 100
Horizon 56
Persona 4 50
Haganai 38
Ika Musume 36
Gundam AGE 33
HunterxHunter 24
Guilty Crown 22
Last Exile Fam 20
Ben-Tou 16
Chihayafuru 12
C3 11
Mashiro-iro Symphony 11
Majikoi 10
Tamayura Hitotose 8
Maken-ki 6
Kimi to Boku 6
Un-Go 5
gdgd Fairies 5
Phi Brain 3

AnimeSuki (posts)

Gundam AGE 3400
Fate/Zero 2300
Haganai 1515
Guilty Crown 1485
Horizon 1382
Persona 4 1053
Shana 800
Last Exile Fam 678
C3 674
Ben-Tou 673
Majikoi 506
Mirai Nikki 473
HunterxHunter 397
Working 343
Chihayafuru 304
Un-Go 262
Mashiro-iro Symphony 235
Ika Musume 214
Maken-ki 190
Phi Brain 142
Kimi to Boku 122
Tamayura Hitotose 120

This method is not infallible. Discussions of some shows -- of Guilty Crown on AnimeSuki, for example -- have as many negative posts as positive ones.

And I wasn't able to tell how many threads for some continuing shows were for the original series rather than the new one. That's true for Shana, Working, and Mirai Nikki.

By the way, Haganai is the nickname for the show Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, which is popular both in Japan and beyond -- for good reason.


Anonymous said...

It's clearly Haganai is the best anime this season, since prior to Fate/Zero anime series and the Gundam Age both have that much posts/discussions before.
I call Haganai Anti-friendship and labeled them as such, while the reverse version of that show AnoHana, I used Friendship.

Second best is Ben-to.

ザイツェヴ said...

Where does IM@S fall in this scale?

hashi said...

@ザイツェヴ -- Idolm@ster is very, very popular in Japan. It started last season, so I didn't include it, but it is now over 191,000 posts. On AnimeSuki, it is also quite popular, with over 1600 posts.