Saturday, October 08, 2011

Seiyuu Revelations -- Photos Supposedly Showing Them With Boyfriends, etc.

This "simple compendium of leaked photos of popular female seiyuus" has appeared on 2channel and elsewhere. It summarizes the recent stream of "revelations" about seiyuus having (or having had) boyfriends, or being involved in other peccadillos. The seiyuu-otaku world is in a tizzy over all this.

The compendium includes photos of Toyosaki Aki; Hanazawa Kana; Hirano Aya; Taketatsu Ayana; Hidaka Rina; Tomatsu Haruka and Irino Miyu; and Satou Satomi (click photo to enlarge):

Below is a key to the photos, and translations of what the compendium says:

1. Toyosaki Aki, 2. Hanazawa Kana, 3. Hirano Aya, 4.Taketatsu Ayana
5. Hidaka Rina, 6. Tomatsu Haruka & Irino Miyu, 7. Satou Satomi, 8. Hikasa Youko
1. "Ooshima comes out of Toyosaki's house and gets into a taxi. Toyosaki's house's nameplate [hashi comment: has only Ooshima's name].  From the hand of a pro stalker, the revelation that Toyosaki is living with musician Tom F@ck"

2. "Hanazawa Kana and Tatsuki's kiss photo-sticker leaks out." [This came out over a year ago. The photo dates from several years ago.]

3. "A magazine publishes photos of Hirano Aya and a member of her back-up band making out." [This came out several months ago.]

4. "Taketatsu Ayana. A sticker photo from a date with former seiyuu Ishida Yuuichi comes out." [This came out a couple of months ago, but probably dates from years earlier.]

5. "Photos of Hidaka Rina with friends from her juvenile delinquent days have come out."

6. "Paparazzi photos and movies of Tomatsu Haruka on a date with Irino Miyu." [I can't recognize Irino from just this, but I haven't seen the originals yet.]

7. "A boys' love doujin made by Satou Satomi in her fujoshi days comes out."

8. Hikasa Youko holds a sign which has been given the words: "Next Target: Toyosaki Aki, Kotobuki Minako, Takagaki Ayahi, Yuuki Aoi, Iguchi Yuka, Asumi Kana, Ogura Yui."

None of these photos actually seems to prove anything to me. Toyosaki could just happen to live in the same building as Ooshima. The Hanazawa Kana thing was probably true, but many years ago (the ex-boyfriend posted on 2channel about their love-making). The Hirano photos are pretty graphic, but not graphic enough to quite prove anything -- although I don't believe she has exactly denied it. The Ayanyan photo could have just been a single date, or not even. The Hidaka photos don't seem like anything to me. If that is indeed Irino Miyu, he and Tomatsu could just have been out together after work. Satou Satomi drew a BL comic? So what?

The little figure in the bottom center of the page has the legend: "Matsuki Miyu...still nothing."

Anyway, I thought Western fans might be interested in this little piece of amateur yellow journalism, which appeared on 2channel yesterday.

Like many Western fans, I don't really understand what the big deal is here. An entertainer has a boyfriend? This is news? But I have to admit, I find the revelations fairly interesting in themselves, whether they actually reveal anything or not.


du5k said...

I don't normally link the person in RL to the characters, but wow, I didn't know about #2. The ex posted about their sex? I guess that disturbed me a little...

caitlyn said...

What does a BL comic have to do with anything!?

I don't understand Japanese otaku...

Also, Taketatsu and that guy look adorable together

hashi said...

@du5k -- I gained even more respect for Kana's agency when they just ignored the whole thing and kept getting her roles. She is with the smallish but highly respected agency Osawa Office, which also handles Kawasumi Ayako and Noto Mamiko.

@caitlyn -- Hmmm. They do, indeed. If you want to see more, check out the video of the event in 2005 from which the pics of him alone were taken. It's a celebration of the I"m Enterprise agency's eighth anniversary, introducing a number of young seiyuus in their training school. Both they and a number of other now-known names appear briefly (Yahagi Sayuri, Shiraishi Minoru, et al.).

voor said...

Japanese otaku of the 2ch sort generally seem to be sociopathic losers, from what I've seen; although one main news source of otaku rage (Sankaku) tends to lean towards the sensational. God forbid that seiyuu have any resemblance of a life...

hashi said...

The Aki-chan story has taken 2channel by storm. I just looked at the list of threads, and Aki-chan occupies the 15 busiest threads, with postings running at between 90 and 150 and hour. The next two busiest are Tomacchan's, followed by two of Aaya's. Aki postings have filled eleven 1000-post threads today alone.

There are both negative and accepting comments on 2channel, but the negative comments extend as far as death threats, naming the area of Tokyo the poster thinks she lives in.

Pw3age said...

What? Hidaka Rina a delinquent? She doesn't seem scary, but that's after her Ro-Kyu-Bu! photobooks and stuff. She got herself fairly popular in the seiyuu circle, I think.

I think seiyuu-seiyuu relationships are awesome, after the Maaya Sakamoto thing. I like Tomatsu Haruka, but I'm not crazy enough to claim possession of her.

Lol'd at "Tom-F@ck". Oh, 2ch, you so crazy.

Matteas said...

I believe the author could take the photo of Aki-chan pretty much anywhere. It's only his claim that it was taken near Tom-H@ck's apartment. It's only his claim that she entered the apartment of a certain Ooshima-san. Even if she really lives with him, as a true fan, I still wish for her to be happy of course.
Anyway, I'm worried about Aki-chan ;_;

Anonymous said...

How about Irino's threads in 2channel? Is there reaction from angry fangirls?

hashi said...

@anonymous -- Irino's thread is not so upset, and some of the complaints are definitely from guys against him, rather than from women. But Saturday, he and Tomatsu (in that order) were in the top five searches on Japanese Google. Aki was #9.

@Matteas -- Hard to say, but I'm inclined to agree that nothing is really proven yet, and it's largely a lot of jumping to conclusions based on small evidence. But it could be true.

hashi said...

For anyone interested, I just came across a link to the videos of Tomacchan with someone who may be Irino Miyu. At least right now, they are here:

I've used the standard 2channel trick of leaving the "h" off the URL, so that it is less likely the link to the site will seem to come from this page.

banger said...

wow irino and tomatsu made top 5 google search? i didn't know seiyuu were that popular.

i wonder how large a part of a seiyuu's fanbase the crazy anti-relationship stalker types make up. are they a minority or majority?

it doesn't seem strange to me if seiyuu fans are majority obsessive. afterall seiyuu only provide voices in anime, yet fans of seiyuu are interested enough to want to learn about them and see pictures/videos/etc.

obviously it doesn't mean all fans are obsessive as neither i nor majority of people here probably are...but saying this kinda makes me wonder why i myself am interested in seiyuu past their voices in anime

hashi said...

@banger -- Tomatsu and Irino were only in the top five searches for one day, then vanished from the top ten the next day.

0utf0xZer0 said...

I remember you posting about the Kana Hanazawa story, but you didn't post the bit about him mentioning the sex there. I honestly feel pretty sorry for her.

In principle I'm quite opposed to revenge and crazy 2ch behaviour and don't condone either, but if one of these otaku were to go egg her ex, I have to say that it would bring joy to my heart.

M.L.C.M. said...

Men, their getting crazier. I'm worried about Aki-san and others. Hope they'll be fine. As a fan or even just a person who just happen to appreciate their voice, lets pray for their safety..

Anonymous said...

Is there any update? Both Aki and Haruka stop updating their blogs since the revelations.

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- No real update. The mad rate of posting is slowing, but there are still so many threads that I haven't followed them all, so there might be something I've missed.

The only real new development I've noticed is that someone mailed something to them by express post, with tracking enabled, at the supposed address, and the tracking showed it had been delivered. Not sure if that proves anything or not.

Tom-H@ck's website appears to be down, too, although his blog (last post 25 September) remains up. That's all I know.

Anonymous said...

I don't get the Hikasa Youko one...what's the sign supposed to mean?

hashi said...

@anonymous -- The list of names Hikasa-san is holding is the collage-maker's idea of which seiyuus might be the next target for revelations.

Animesetsuna said...

@hashi Thanks for posting the link of Haruka. Well, I found out strange and interesting. And I am like those otakus. LOL. Just joking. Anyway, I was disappointed. Why? Because they didn't took the pictures clearly and kinda "blur" and mah eyes like X_X. That guys is indeed Irino Miyu.

Kinda nostalgic. I used to wear the cap but I stopped wearing because I need to act cool.

Wija said...

eep, waifu is living with this guy called "Tom-H@ck"? well...i don't even know who he is...but i couldn't care less, even so. i just hope Aki-chwan is safe, & that she's happy ; u;

Hidaka Rina was a former yankee? xD awesome. 8D

well, seiyuus are celebs, but first of all, they're human yes, the do live the SAME way we all do. we may, or may not be doing good with our lives, it's pretty normal. we're also free to judge them, but in the end of the day, who cares about us? who cares what they do? it's our life! it's their life! right? :3

(though i hope husbando doesn't get married /shot xD)