Friday, October 07, 2011

Toyosaki Aki Living with Tom-H@ck?

2channel is frothing at the mouth over claims on a Sphere-stalker's blog that Toyosaki Aki is living with Tom-H@ck, the composer/arranger of many of Houkago Teatime's songs.

The stalker claims to have followed her to her apartment building and to have found that Ooshima Tomohiro 大嶋文博 (professional name Tom-H@ck) lives in the same building.

The stalker says there must be something special about this building, since the other members of Sphere all live close to where they work, and this building is not only far from there but also so far from its rail station that she uses a taxi to go back and forth to the station.

This seems somewhat flimsy evidence to me, as is usual in these cases, but in the interests of more romance, I thought I'd let people know.

The blogger claims that he saw Aki arrive home and then the lights go on in the apartment whose postbox said "Ooshima." In further corroboration, he says that the apartment is a "maisonette," and Aki-chan has said that she has an apartment of that type. In Japan, the word seems to refer mainly to apartments that have two floors.

I can't find very good shots of  Tom-H@ck, but here are some poor ones:

He is 26 (Ainama is 25). He is from Miyagi Prefecture, the area hardest hit by the earthquake and tsunami. Ainama is also from the provinces: she is from Tokushima, on Shikoku. The fact that Aki-chan has apparently related some stories about people in the quake area is a tantalizing connection.

Tom-H@ck is doing all the music, themes and BGM, for the current show Bokutachi wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai.

The blogger also includes a shot of Ainama, supposedly near her home:

By the way, that "Ainama" nickname is based on a humorous misreading of the kanji for Aki-chan's given name 愛生.

This new couple just adds to the uproar. There are already strong rumours about Tomatsu Haruka and Irino Miyu. The blogger says that copyright claims by Sony have forced him to take down videos and a blog post that supported the rumours.

In any case, some Sphere and K-On fans have taken all this at face value and have erupted into the typical lovelorn otaku rage. Here are a couple of images that demonstrate their feelings:

Taketatsu Ayana (Azusa, right) is under a similar cloud since
the discovery of a photo-sticker of her and a male friend.
Of course, my point of view is 180° (or perhaps 90°) from that of these otaku: the more romance the better, as far as I'm concerned.

Finally, it just occurred to me that two of the seiyuus who have had parts of their private life revealed recently will star together in the new Last Exile: Toyosaki Aki (whose supposed lover has been named) and Yuuki Aoi (whose university has been named).


Furuba-tan said...

I always wondered about the love life of many seiyuus, because there aren't many news about them.
but now akkyo "could" be with tom-h@ack? great news.
I never understood the otaku rage about such news. and I'm also an otaku, but seems not as hardcore as others.

FFF said...

The ideal female seiyuu should be a nun for some folks.

Taka said...

Man after all the stuff I've read about Aki I've been like "holy crap ideal woman".

But if she's with Tom H@ck that is just plain awesome. His songs rock. This may make me think she's the ideal woman even more.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Hikasa Youko (Mio) married/have a boyfriend? They found out something like a year after her role in K-on. Although she isn't as popular as Ainama or Ayanyan, to be honest.

Anonymous said...

The idol otaku rage that erupts over these stories is the most sickening, shameful, disgusting fucking thing. It absolutely enrages me that people stalk and harass these men and women for daring to have a life.

Seriously, talk about reinforcing every awful otaku stereotype possible. But I guess you can't have any hobbies where real human beings are involved without some fans acting like utter scumbags.


banger said...

many seiyuu intentionally market themselves as cute/innocent/chaste in order to appeal to these types of stalker-fans. it is justified for fans of that image to be upset when that image is shattered. if a seiyuu does not want to deal with this sort of hate then they should either live up to their image or not fake it in the first place. plenty of seiyuu do not do the whole cutesy moe vibe, but as a result they are not as popular and probably get less roles and work

yes it is creepy that there are fans who care so deeply about this stuff but its the seiyuu's fault as well. what kind of fans do you expect to attract when you have full on adults in their late 20s and older wearing the high school miniskirt outfits and dancing around in all the live specials and such that they do?

Peanutbutter said...

Seems like the Hirano Aya stuff made people wanna know more about the others, and all these things came up.

Oh boy, fanboys.

P.S: I just read this at SanCom and the same thing's reported here. That's fast.

claez said...

maaya sakamoto married last month with kenichi suzumura, and fans treated her normally, strange thing they blame aki toyosaki while they dont care about maaya sakamoto. That's why i dont like otaku they are not face reality.But for aki i think better if her just announce dating with h@ck instead hiding it.

hashi said...

@PeanutButter -- SanCom and I may have both gotten it from the same source. Here are three sites I look at every day for seiyuu news of various kinds:
and I just found another one:

@banger -- Good point. Although I'm not sure Aki is being marketed as a pure young girl. Maybe. The reaction to Maaya Sakamoto tends to prove your point, however.

What I find most creepy are the vivid fantasies of sex and rape that get posted in Yuuki Aoi's 2channel thread. I'm not sure she has ever been promoted to that chaste image, but her age just makes them think of her that way.

In general, however, I don't think I have the right to condemn people's interest in seiyuus' private lives, since I share it. Paparazzi-style stalking is going too far -- but here I am publishing the results.

Niles said...

Ugh, as if I wasn't creeped out enough. I liked Tom H@ck's work on K-ON a lot. If it's true, good choice!

Anonymous said...

"I'm not sure she has ever been promoted to that chaste image, but her age just makes them think of her that way."

Is it merely a matter of age? The chaste image can be conjured in so many ways, from manner of speech/dress to what's said in interviews and role discussions (they're well coached on the types of things they're supposed to say to reinforce said image). I'm not familiar with this particular seiyuu, but just emphasizing worldly inexperience or dependence on older peers would be ways of manipulating an air of innocence. Precociousness or faux independence (to some people, it screams immaturity and naive eagerness to impress) are also ways of doing it.

Celebrity worship has always amused me. What you're buying into is an image supplied by the star and his or her managers/promoters. With small bits of factual information (and some exaggeration or outright myth-making), they can spin a person into a deity with little resemblance to the real thing - a few marketable traits exaggerated to an extreme.

Ultimately, we have no idea what they're actually like in real life and who they really are as people. We come to adore a manufactured persona.

hashi said...

1. For Tomatsu and Irino, there are pictures -- although I can't tell it's Irino, myself. I will post them, I guess.

2. I guess Aki's little voice and innocent characters give her that innocent image. But she is physically fairly huge, in Japanese terms, so that goes against the image.

3. It is only possible to "worship" images of people. Real people are too complex. Their godliness is severely mitigated, lol.

Andrew said...

Tom H@ck would be a great match for Aki, so I'm pretty happy for her there.

But in this case, some creep actually staked her out and collected circumstantial evidence which could unfortunately potentially turn her career upside down. It isn't like how Aya Hirano voluntarily told the media about her romances and then how those bedroom photos leaked onto the net. (Yeah, taking photos during sex may not be such a good idea if you want that news to stay in your bedroom.) If Aki is dating H@ck, it seems like it would be a normal, healthy relationship that she probably wanted to keep secret (especially after seeing what happened to Aya), and here this...predator hunted her down and leaked a story that may or may not be true online. I can't defend that at all, despite my own seiyuu following.

Aki seems like a rather sensitive lady. I hope she doesn't see any of the pictures of smashed and defaced merchandise online, let alone that guerilla photo of her backside. And I really, really hope this doesn't get her in any trouble with her agency.

banger said...

i think even aki is marketed as "cute" and "innocent" based on the pictures of her i see in magazine scans and the fact she is in sphere (pop group) and from her demeanor on radio shows. it might be my view as a westerner, but when i see those pictures of seiyuu doing the exaggerated poses in the magazines and how they are always so bubbly on radio/live specials it gives off a fake vibe that they are acting that way to appear cute.

the fact that they never comment on these rumors and never talk about relationships and even do lots of yuri talk to try to mask it seem to affirm this. it seems like they try to market seiyuu as idols these days with all the photobooks and music groups and such so maybe the relationship thing is spillover from the idol industry. but for example one of my favorite seiyuu, kaida yuko, does not do any of that type of stuff but still seems to get a fair amount of do most of the "older" seiyuu.

hashi said...

@banger -- Thinking about it more, I think you're right that Aki is marketed as cute, despite her height. I'm not sure if she's marketed as innocent, however. I suppose so.

According to surveys I've seen, about half of both girls and boys in Japan say they have had sex by the time they are 17 (the number is slightly higher for girls). The age is similar to Western countries, apparently. So I think it must be the otakus' own virginity that makes them think all these entertainers are virgins, too.

The cutesy personality stuff is part of the way seiyuus and agencies try to make a living. I read recently that a mainstream seiyuu doing a fairly major role in a 13-week anime, appearing in every episode, makes only about $6000 for the whole thing. In the unlikely event that they had one of those every season, they would still only be making ~$24,000, which in Japan would be just barely enough to live on.

So doing TV shows, etc., could be pretty significant.

Early in their careers, both Sawashiro Miyuki and Kuwashima Houko were marketed as singer idols. That didn't work very well in either case, but fortunately their voice-acting skills were great enough that they could get enough work in anime, games, dubbing, etc., to make a go of it. As far as I can tell, Kaida Yuuko (whom I like a lot, too) makes much of her living from dubbing foreign TV shows and films.

@Andrew -- To be honest, my main feeling about Aki and Tom H@ck (if it is true) is "good for you guys." I mean, they are both adults. They would understand each other's lives.

Andrew said...

@Hashi: That's what I meant; they would both understand each other, so it would be a good relationship. Maybe it's all part of her PR, but she seems like someone who'd stay faithful if she thought she'd found Mr. Right.

Anonymous said...

They may match pretty good. She loves singing he composes plenty of common field. And her character and fluffiness seems genuine. What keeps me wondering how many of these cavemen who react so extreme? If it is just hand full of i don't see how that can be a factor to bring a career down. I wish seiyuus could say openly they are in relathionships without any fear. I'm more worried whether they are mistreated.

God Asakawa Yuu making with some AV starlet got me more scared.

Anonymous said...

'...whose supposed lover has been named... whose university has been named...' ROTFLOL...

But seriously, STALKER?? omg, omg...

most of the time, i find the postings on 2ch and the detailing behaviour by the excutioner themselves fasincate me more than the seiyuus.. they would give so passionately in their justification of argument and what's so amazing yet repelling is the extend they would want to come so close to worship their ideals

Anonymous said...

About Tom-H@ck

I greatly respect his feelings for, and the way he treats his works
He is also someone who brings me relief and is someone whom I can talk to about my worries in my private life

These clumsy words
I am a little unsure if I can truly get across what I intend to say

The bonds between us that have been carefully built up
The unchanging feelings that (you) have towards the (anime) shows
To me, they shine like precious treasures"

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- Thank you so much for that. I had no idea that there was a blog translating Aki's blog.

Hirasawa-kyun said...

I don't really know why the heck those hardcore otakus need to do those kind of things, heck, if anybody is a big K-oN Fan, and especially Aki Toyosaki fan, that would be me. I even bought the Les Paul guitar so I can be like yui, I have over a thousand pics in my PC of yui, I've watched animes because I know shes going to be starring there, whether it was good or bad. I know a lot of details about her, her life, her school, but I ain't no stalker, just so you know. I researched abut her, she's a good kid, I really like her voice especially, since my favorite would be Yui Hirasawa. But I didn't go fuck up my K-oN Single CD, I didn't fuck up with her pictures. For me, as long as she continues to do her job and continue to be great, that's fine with me.

Hirasawa-kyun said...

Continuation of my post: Ya know what, I really like Aki Toyosaki, since I'm a hardcore fan, ya gotta admit, I sometimes dream of being in japan and being the one she's living with instead of that Tom-H@ck guy, but that's already impossible, and I think Tom-H@ck is a great guy, although I myself am depressed, I won't go ruining my idol's image on sites, nor will I make a tantrum just cuz she got herself a boyfriend.