Monday, October 24, 2011

Toyosaki, Tomatsu Send Messages to Fans

All the members of Sphere, and their agency, have published messages to their fans today.

Toyosaki Aki and Tomatsu Haruka both apologized to fans for causing them trouble, but Toyosaki went on to say that her private life has no direct connection with her professional life.

The Music Ray'n agency threatened criminal and civil action against the people who took secret photos of their seiyuus or threatened them on line.

Sphere (l-r): Tomatsu Haruka, Kotobuki Minako, Takagaki Ayahi, Toyosaki Aki

Toyosaki spoke directly of Tom-H@ck, saying he was someone she admired professionally and went to for help with her songs, and also someone she could talk about her personal troubles with.

Music Ray'n said that they left their seiyuus to run their own personal lives, within certain guidelines.

2channel is a mixed bag of people who continue to find fault, dissecting the blog posts for things to criticize, and fans who declare their continued support.

This is all fallout from recent publication of paparazzi photos and deductions from them suggesting that Toyosaki is living with Tom-H@ck and that Tomatsu and Irino Miyu are dating. This has led to great vituperation against Tomatsu and Toyosaki, including death threats from fans who feel wronged. Some Japanese seiyuu otaku feel that it is wrong for their heroines to have boyfriends other than them.

Blog posts: Toyosaki, Tomatsu, Kotobuki, Takagaki. Statement: Music Ray'n.


Yoshii-kun said...

I'll love them both just the same.
I'm a fan of a seiyuu's work and talents, not their personal life or relationships.

Take Sakamoto Maaya for example. Lovely voice, sweet personality and finally married. Congratz. See?! I'm happy for them. ^^

E said...

What?! You mean these seiyuu are REAL PEOPLE with REAL LIVES separate from the work they do to make a living?!! Wow. *gobsmacked* That's just too deep for me.

Andrew said...

They all look a bit angry in that photo...

It's good to know that Ray'n isn't punishing the girls (I was a bit afraid of that; do any management agencies forbid or discourage their clients from romances?).

Hope Aki doesn't have to move because of all this.

Anonymous said...

Is cohabitation before marriage common in Japan?

banger said...

I am surprised to see formal statements like this...I expected them to try to sweep it under the rug. I am curious how the incidents will affect both their careers. Will be fun to see it play out from now on.

One of my other favorite seiyuu Nazuka Kaori seems to have fell off the radar a little since she announced her marriage...I wonder if its by choice or if it affected the work she was offered.

I follow Tomatsu's blog and figured the stalker news was true since she didn't past for weeks in a row. I have no sympathy for them since they capitalize on the "virgin idol" mentality to milk those types of fans for all they are worth. Among the people willing to buy a photobook of a VOICE actress it does not seem strange to hear a lot of them are obsessive types for example (no offense to anyone intended of course - i myself am a seiyuu fan but i can't relate to that japanese virgin idol expectation).

Anonymous said...

No word from Ayana Taketatsu?

Anonymous said...

hopefully, this will not affect the casting of Natsuiro Kiseki

M.L.C.M. said...

Seriously, those creepy otaku must apologize to them.. Their just people living in this world, facing also some problems and doing what they can to make their life worthy and happy. Even though their well known actors and actresses, its not right to do those creepy and scary things, specially when your life is on the line.

Well, to all true supporters out their, all we can do is continue supporting them and praying for their safety. I'm happy and relieve that Aki is safe.. Aki-san were here for you.. ^^

hashi said...

@Andrew -- I chose a photo that isn't too happy. It isn't that recent.

@anonymous -- I don't know, but it's not uncommon in manga. Wikipedia suggests it was up to over 50% of people born in the 1970s.

@banger -- They didn't actually say anything direct, just criticized the stalkers. We still don't know officially if the cohabitation is true, or if Tomatsu and Irino were doing anything more than just spending time together, as friends will. But I also expected the agency to just keep quiet about it and go on, as Osawa did with Hanazawa.

I have sympathy for them, since their careers depend on the otakus' obsession with virginity, but they are real people living in circles not known for being chaste.

Maybe it's my own blindness, but I don't see them making a point of saying they are virgins, just not talking about their private lives. The otaku just erect this image around them. Unless Tomatsu has said something direct?

Nazuka-san is doing less, but Sakamoto Maaya seems to be doing more.

@anonymous -- Since that photo was probably quite old, perhaps Taketatsu didn't have to say anything. Hanazawa Kana, burdened with a similar photo, didn't say anything.

Anonymous said...

I've always been wondered why the otaku always equates having boyfriend as being a non-virgin. Is boyfriend-girlfriend relationship without sexual intercourse extremely rare in Japan?

Anonymous said...

"Is boyfriend-girlfriend relationship without sexual intercourse extremely rare in Japan?"

It's the same as in any modern western nation. Past a certain age, most people are sexually active, so intercourse is assumed (even if it may not actually be the case 100% of the time, but odds highly favor the assumption) when people think of boyfriend-girlfriend relationships.

Statistically, Japan and America are the same when it comes to the average number of sexual partners per person (~10).