Friday, October 28, 2011

What Yuuki Aoi Wants for Christmas -- To Be Better At English

In her blog, Yuuki Aoi says that what she wants from Santa this Christmas is better ability in English. "Higher marks would be good, too."

The line-up for volunteer English tutors forms at the left, lol.

Ao-chan has not been posting much to her blog recently. She is attending university, and appears to be taking it seriously, despite all the seiyuu work she is doing at the same time, and despite the fact that her university is known for having high entry standards and good courses, but allowing students to slack off if they want to.

Anyway, to make more of a post here, I'll include some recent photos of Ao-chan, along with Kotobuki Minako, a friend with whom she co-starred in Hyakka Ryouran and A Channel;  and Toyosaki Aki, with whom she co-stars in Last Exile - Ginyoku no Fam. I'm not sure if Ao-chan is getting closer to members of Sphere, or if Sphere is so popular they are everywhere.

With Toyosaki Aki on the cover of Pick-up Voice magazine.

2channel thinks she looks like a middle-schooler in this pic.
Here's news for you, guys: she isn't.

Toyosaki Aki

With Kotobuki Minako, from a magazine feature in Seiyuu Grand Prix.
The caption says: "Friends forever." The cover pic is here.

On radio, Ao-chan refers to Mina-chan as her "bride."

Here she is with Nanjou Yoshino, seiyuu, singer with fripSide,
and my choice (and no-one else's) as most beautiful of all current seiyuus.


Cerephi said...

What'd you mean by

"The line-up for volunteer English tutors forms at the left."


hashi said...

@Cerephi -- It was a joke, based on the idea that she needs help in English and a lot of English-speaking people are reading this blog and might like the opportunity to tutor her. Not for real, just a joke.