Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hanazawa Kana, Yuuki Aoi to Co-star in New Anime

Hanazawa Kana and Yuuki Aoi will co-star in a new short anime to begin December 17.

The anime is called Yakimochi Kyousoukyoku Kapurisu ("Jealousy Rhapsody Caprice"). It stars Kana-chan and Ao-chan as a puppy and a kitten who think they are human girls and are always competing to be tops.

It will be shown as the ending sequence of the anime TV show Anime Seijin -- Tokimeki Reshipii ("Anime Alien -- Exciting Recipe"). The show features two hosts (currently Ueda Kana and Shimizu Kaori), talking and cooking together. Previous hosts have included Maeno Tomoaki and KENN, Kakihara Tetsuya and Eguchi Takuya, et al.

Here are Ao-chan and Kana-chan with their characters, Ruu the kitten and Nowa the puppy:

This reunites the two seiyuus, who starred together in the hilarious short anime Yutori-chan early last year. They did a radio show together for that show, and their very different styles made it quite amusing. They have both had a lot more radio experience since, so it would be interesting to hear them together again.

I guess I should add that I am not a hundred percent sure whether they will just produce one sequence, or whether it will be a series of little episodes.


Jeremia said...

Finally, an anime with Ao-chan and Kana-tan together! Even before watching Yutori-shan I knew they would be perfect together, their careers develop in a very similar way, and because of the highly un-similar voices they somehow complete each other. It's starting to get noticed more, I believe, in the football starting eleven (I forgot who wrote it, but nevertheless) earlier this year they were fielded as strikers, as it can be remembered, I wouldn't mind witnessing an 'Aoi-Kana' boom in the castings from now onward.

WcDuck said...

Is it just me or does Hanazawa-san's character look rather derp there when compared to Aoi'?

Anonymous said...

I want a series featuring Ao-chan, Kana-chan, Yukari Tamura, and Rie Kugimiya.

soulassassin547 said...

A perfect combination they are, like cookies and cream they'll give one helluva smack of a sugar buzz! :D

God I could imagine Nadeko and Madoka in one room... :)

Anonymous said...

Um, more Kana from there. :)

Anonymous said...

And Aoi in a sailor suit: (some stuff might be NSFW)