Thursday, November 24, 2011

Ogura Yui Proud of Her Mid-Term Marks

Ogura Yui posts almost every day in her blog. Recently, she has apologized for posting a little less frequently, because of mid-term tests.

But today she posted a delighted summary of her test results: the 16-year-old Yui, who I guess is in high school, was aiming for an overall average of 80% and actually got 85%. I liked her little still-life of test results, with the names of her school and teachers carefully blocked out:

Now here is a shot of her from during the test period:

Not exactly at her best, lol. Next is a shot of her doing the splits during dance practice. This photo got a lot of positive comment from her fans, but she says it is something she has been able to do since she was little. In my opinion, she is a better dancer than either singer or seiyuu. Although her voice work is improving.


Cerephi said...

Why do the tests say "Very good"? lol

I don't think their all English tests sooo..

Do all Japanese teachers write in English to compliment on test scores?

hashi said...

@Cerephi -- I have no answer. I was wondering about that, too. Perhaps someone knows?

Jeremia said...

I study school pedagogy, so I love posts like that. Anyhow, in most countries in Eastern Europe, where the school is more strict than in the West, you'll get a "very good" comment/grade when you have at least 95%.

Also, foregin language teachers tend to use their subject language more with the classes that are "less talented". I'n a class that is already good at for example English they don't have the need to use English that often. It was proven in Poland, Hungary and Austria, that the teachers do it subconceusly untill they reach a certain maturity in their "trade", and after that, thei either stop doing it or do it more strongly. So, I'd say Yui-chan's teacher has more than 7-8 years of teaching behind her, and she mostly teaches and/or have teached those "less talented" classes.

And one more thing- it is impossible, that all of English teachers in Japan are required to writte comments about the grades in English, but explaining why would take too much place- if anyone is interested- read the "Allgemeine Pädagogik" of J.F. Herbart, whose vision of pedagogy is still the most important trend in Japanese schools.

Andrew said...

According to MAL, she's from Nagano Prefecture. Does she go to school in Tokyo or does she commute? Because that would be pretty long. For that matter, does she live with her parents or on her own when she's at work in Tokyo?

Andrew said...

PS: She's actually from Gunma.

hashi said...

@Andrew -- I think she lives in Tokyo, but I'm not sure. She seems to have dance practice and singing/dance rehearsals for the singing duo YuiKaori or for Roh-Kyu-Bu shows all the time. And she has been an idol for several years now.

hashi said...

@Jeremia -- For the rest of us, here's the English Wikipedia page for Johann Friedrich Herbart. It tells a bit about his educational ideas.

I really don't know if she's a good student or just a middling student being encouraged with those "very good" comments. She seems fairly bright to me, and certainly hard-working and well-organized. She did do the choreography for the dance part of the main Roh-Kyu-Bu PV.

@Andrew -- Being a real 16 year old, I doubt she follows the animanga trope of living on her own. Either with parent(s) or manager, or someone, I imagine.

Nemi said...

She lives in Tokyo since at least 2008, when she joined the agency HAPPY! STYLE, I think.

I think his voice is not bad, you're right, it is much better! But I still prefer Kaori, as a seiyuu and singer.
The Japanese idol, that are often young girls, scare me ... They know how to do everything almost perfectly!

PS: sorry for my grammatical errors :P