Friday, February 25, 2011

Seiyuu Radio: Yuuki Aoi With Hiyama Nobuyuki

At least on her days off, Yuuki Aoi is on the Internet all day, except for meals and the washroom. That is one of the things that came out during an enjoyable, wide-ranging guest appearance on veteran seiyuu Hiyama Nobuyuki's radio show.

Hiyama can speak extremely quickly, but the quick-tongued Ao-chan had no trouble keeping up with him. In the process, she answered the many questions that are part of his standard show, which is modeled after a visit to a hot spring, with a bath of quick questions, supposedly answered "nakedly," then a meal of discussing some photos brought in by the guest.

Here is the Ao-chan part of his 22 February show, with various mainly recent images of Ao-chan, and some translation following:


Monday, February 21, 2011

Seiyuu Video: Hanazawa Kana, Aged About Eight

This is from the Sanma Dai Sensei show, on which Kana-chan was a regular between 1996 and 2000, when she was seven to ten.

Yuuki Aoi was also on this show, but starting just after Kana-chan left.

Unlike Ao-chan, Kana-chan was a quiet, well-behaved child who did not take much part in the kids' noisier arguments.

Seiyuu Photos: Inoue Marina

It's just one photo, but I liked it so much I thought I'd post it:

To me, this seems like a classic photo: contemporary techniques used for an eighty-year-old esthetic. One commenter, however, says that some of the photos in this collection show that Japanese clothing doesn't suit people with long faces. This particular photo disguises Marina's long face. And the butterfly clip obscures her large pixie ears, lol.

Oh well, here are the other photos:

Seiyuu Photos: Kaida Yuuko and Paku Romi

Looking through a seiyuu image board, I was surprised by these photos of Kaida Yuuko and Paku Romi.

For this first one, Kaida says in her blog: "My favorite food -- Romi-neesan's breasts."

The leaflet is from a play produced by Paku-san which starred Miyano Mamoru and ran in Tokyo for a week. Its run ended last Thursday, the day these photos were posted on Kaida-san's blog. The short title is Sharaku 写楽. Full title and link, for anyone who wants to search it out: 戯伝 写楽 ~その男、十郎兵衛~.

Seiyuu Nazuka Kaori To Marry

Nazuka Kaori, the big girl with a tiny voice who played Eureka in Eureka Seven, has announced in her blog that she is getting married.

Nazuka-san is a friend of Sanpei Yuuko and Koshimizu Ami, with whom she played in Eureka Seven, and in the past has been linked with them in various yuri scenarios.

She has a small, sweet voice, but is actually a broad-shouldered, athletic woman. In her blog, she has had pictures of herself scuba diving and fishing.

In her blog post, she says that family is the most important thing to her, and that she has long dreamt of building a family as cheerful and warm as the one she was brought up in.

Her dream is coming true sooner than she planned, she says, but she is full of happiness right now. She thanks all her fans, the staff she has worked with, her fellow seiyuus, and her family.

She intends to continue as a seiyuu, and hopes she will continue to be given roles.

Even though she and her husband are inexperienced, they hope to join their efforts to create a warm family. This photo was in her announcement blog post: