Saturday, April 09, 2011

Yuuki Aoi: Aoi's ABC's

Every month in Seiyuu Grand Prix magazine, there is a page featuring photos and talk from Yuuki Aoi.

The page is called "Aoi no a-i-u-e-o," which is like saying "Aoi's ABC's," since "a-i-u-e-o" are the first five syllables of the Japanese syllabic alphabet.

Every month, things whose names start with a particular syllable are featured. This month's syllable is "he," and the word is the English loan word "vejitaburu." (the syllable "ve" is written in Japanese as a form of "he." Japanese is complicated, lol.) Ao-chan says she has always loved to eat vegetables.

In any case, someone has posted the series of pages (eight so far) on 2channel, and here they are, in reverse order (click to enlarge):

Thursday, April 07, 2011

A-Channel -- Characters/Seiyuus Pics and Info

The first episode of A-Channel was as enjoyable as I expected: absurd humor purveyed by seiyuus who do something with their roles. Here is a page with pics of the characters and their seiyuus, and a bit of info about each seiyuu.

Yuuki Aoi is perfect as quiet, obsessed Tooru. And Fukuhara Kaori may be elevating her career with a nice turn as sunny Run. But I was most struck by Kotobuki Minako's work as their friend Yuuko.

Little Tooru is a year younger than Run, and the show begins with her passing the exams to get into Run's school. Tooru's affection for Run is fairly extreme. She makes every effort to keep Yuuko and others away from her beloved, even carrying a baseball bat around with her for the purpose....

Good work from the seiyuus for the students, but the teachers may be an even more starry crew: Sawashiro Miyuki, Ono Daisuke, and Chihara Minori.

Click here or on the image to go to the full page:

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Spring Anime Weekly Calendar

A bit late, here is my weekly anime calendar for the next three months, showing both new shows and shows continuing from previous seasons. Click here or on the image to go to the full schedule:

I can also recommend some other schedules: Mahou Showtime, Random Curiosity, and Anime Calendar. Those may be a bit better just for knowing the schedule, since they are simpler than mine. I made mine for my own use, and it adds in basic cast and staff info, as well as links to Anime News Network pages, official sites, and Japanese Wikipedia pages.

Japanese Poll: Top Heroines of the Winter Anime Season

A Japanese poll has chosen Hanazawa Kana's reverse trap character, Charlotte Dunois of Infinite Stratos, as the most popular heroine of the winter 2011 season.

My own choice -- Yuuki Aoi's Victorica, of Gosick -- is a distant second. She has 16% of the votes (403 votes), compared to Charlotte's 29% (734 votes).

And Saitou Chiwa's Homura, of Madoka Magica, is well behind in third place, at 12% (295 votes).

Others high in the list include Cecilia Alcott of Infinite Stratos (Yukana, 178 votes), Kyouko of Madoka Magica (Nonaka Ai, 158 votes), and Mikoto of Index (Satou Rina, 142 votes).

Voting continues.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha -- Characters/Seiyuus Pics/Info

Hanasaku Iroha has gotten off to a great start. Good story, with complex characters. Almost like a drama rather than an anime. Great backgrounds and animation. And excellent voice work, especially from Itou Kanae as the lead.

So, wanting to get straight who's who and who plays whom, I have made a characters/seiyuus page, with pics and a bit of info about the characters and their seiyuus.

One thing that struck me as I looked up the seiyuus: a lot of the supporting voices are very active in dubbing foreign TV and film, and even as TV actors. So we can expect some good acting -- and we are getting it, so far.

Click here or on the image to go to the full page:

One of the interesting things here is Omigawa Chiaki's voice: something new, neither the awkward voice nor the moe one.Perhaps it's just because her character is a woman of few words, but I didn't realize it was her until I saw the credits.