Friday, April 29, 2011

Yuuki Aoi, Kotobuki Minako, Hayami Saori -- Dinner Date

Today in Ao-chan's blog she says that Mina-chan, Hayamin and she went out to eat together.

They "snuck into" a rather high-class restaurant and spent dinner happily chattering about going on a trip together, and about what they wanted to do before they were 20. Hayamin turns 20 next month. Mina-chan turns 20 in September. Ao-chan just turned 19 last month. "It would really be nice if we could go...."

And a new article about last weekend's Gosick event includes more good pics of Ao-chan, with co-star Eguchi Takuya:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yuuki Aoi & Hayami Saori: New Radio Show Starts

A combination that many fans have long hoped for has suddenly hit the air: the first episode of Yuuki Aoi and Hayami Saori's new radio show was posted today. The show's provisional title is..."Aoi and Saori's New Show."

These are my two favorite young seiyuus -- Ao-chan (right) for her seiyuu voice and Saori (left) more for her singing voice.

Fans in both women's 2channel threads are also pleased. As a post in Hayami-san's thread said, these may be the two top female seiyuus of the next generation. Another poster said the show was "tremendously funny." One in Ao-chan's thread said the atmosphere was "exceptionally good." Another said: "Now I can die happy."

The two are both nineteen (although Saori is ten months older), and both go to university. But they are very different personalities. Ao-chan is a fairly wild-talking otaku, and Hayamin is an elegant young lady. One poster said that it was a perfect match: Ao-chan's wonderful boke and Hayamin's thoughtfulness. (The boke is the fool in a comedy duo.)

I myself felt they were sometimes not on the same wavelength, and the contrast was a bit disturbing, as well as fruitful.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Yuuki Aoi -- Gosick Live Event Photos

Here are three photos from the Gosick live event last Saturday at Comic Toranoana in Akihabara. They feature Ao-chan and her co-star Eguchi Takuya.

I'm pleased to see Ao-chan wearing gloves, no doubt for the meetings with individual attendees that were part of the event.

She is also wearing a new summer dress designed by gothic lolita fashion house Innocent World. I was hoping it would resemble the violet dress worn by Victorica in recent episodes of the show, but it's pretty nice.

Eguchi-san is fairly good-looking himself, and is described by posters on 2channel as ikemen, a cool-looking guy.  I think the reason Ao-chan hardly ever goes bare-armed is that they reveal her apparent tendency to plumpness. Doesn't matter to her fans, however: one guy posted on 2channel that these photos made her look so cute that his chest hurt.

The towel says: "I'll never talk to you again. We're through!" a quote from Victorica in episode 6.

Yuuki Aoi -- Charity Auction Dress at $4000 and Rising

Yuuki Aoi has already told us about the dress she (or her agency?) has contributed to a charity action for the earthquake and tsunami. Now the dress has finally made it to the auction itself, and bids have quickly passed $4000 (actually ¥349,000), with six days of bidding yet to go.

She has worn the dress for a couple of Gosick TV events:

Yuuki Aoi: Country Girl in the City

Yuuki Aoi grew up in Chiba prefecture, just east of Tokyo, and considers herself a bit of a country bumpkin. Here is something she posted in her blog a few hours ago:


I have finally gotten used to riding the subway... a train rider, but hasn’t had to transfer to a subway...
I’ve grown up!!
In the past, I often used to call my childhood friends Tomii and Takenda in tears after picking the wrong train...
And then, outside the station, I couldn’t remember which bus to get on!
I’ll show you that I can free myself from being a country bumpkin!!!!

2011.04.25  10:34PM

I'm pleased that Ao-chan has started posting to her blog more often these days.