Saturday, June 25, 2011

Holy Land? The Park Where Yuuki Aoi Swung on the Swings

In a radio program last Thursday, Ao-chan told Hayami Saori that she went out of the studio to a nearby park to sit and swing on the swings. She said there was only a salaryman around, implying that she didn't expect to be recognized.

I checked Google Street View, and there it was, swings, salaryman and all:

As a Japanese commenter said, the scene seems pretty appropriate for the youthful -- I almost said "girlish" -- Ao-chan.

The swings are in a park not far from the A&G radio studio they use, and just across the street from the building housing the Pokemon Center, which Ao-chan has visited because of her role as Iris in Pokemon Best Wishes, and possibly also because she herself is a Pokemon fan.

Here is an aerial view from Google Earth, showing the building where the Pokemon Center is (the tall building at the top center), and the A&G radio studio (the building across the railway tracks from it). The swings are in the park at the bottom. Hamamatsuchou Station is just out of the picture at the bottom.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hirano Aya To Act in Stage Musical

Hirano Aya will play Catherine in a musical based on Wuthering Heights, on stage in Tokyo.

Well-known director Nishikawa Nobuhiro has assembled a main cast of stars, some from other media. Aya will share the role of Catherine with singer Abe Natsumi. They will perform on alternate days.

Multi-talented actor/singer/music producer/writer/car racer Kawamura Ryuuichi will play Heathcliff. Actor/singer Yamazaki Ikusaburou will play Edgar.

The play will be at Tokyo's Akasaka Act Theatre from July 11 to July 24, then will move to the Umeda Arts Theatre in Osaka for a short run July 27-31.

Sources: Cinema Today, Famitsu, theatre home page.