Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yuuki Aoi's Gosick Dolls: Victorique and Kujou

In a blog post last June, Yuuki Aoi showed us pictures of her new Gosick dolls, Super Dollfie versions of Victorique and Kujou.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall 2011 Anime Series -- full previews with staff, cast, image, trailer, manga, etc.

Last Exile -- Fam the Silver Wing
There are 32 new shows in this fall's list of new series, about the same number as the 30 last fall. Promising shows cover many genres, from shounen and mecha to comedy, moe, slice-of-life, yaoi and josei.

The five shows I myself am most interested in are:
  • Chihayafuru -- A strong teen girl who is a brilliant prodigy at the Japanese poetry card game. The director of NANA animates a manga by Suetsugu Yuki.
  • Un-Go -- Director Mizushima Seiji did FMA, Gundam00, and Hanamaru Kindergarten. Writer Aikawa Shou did FMA, Ayakashi Ayashi and, under an alias, Simoun. Mysteries in a near-future postwar Tokyo.
  • Last Exile -- Ginyoku no Fam -- Sequel to the classic, featuring Toyosaki Aki and Yuuki Aoi darting through the sky together in their tiny simoun vespa.
  • Guilty Crown -- Violent romance/adventure, directed by Araki Tetsurou, who did Death Note, Kurozuka, and Highschool of the Dead. Writer Yoshino Hiroyuki did My-Hime, Macross Frontier, and Sora no Oto. How will those two ancestries combine?
  • Kimi to Boku --  Slice-of-life comedy featuring a group of…high school boys! What a concept! Directed by Kanbe Mamoru, director of Elfen Lied and the underappreciated Denpateki na Kanojo. Adapted by Yoshida Reiko (Marimite, K-On, etc.) from a good manga.
But there are lots of promising shows. Here are a few more I'll be looking at, in alphabetical order:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Yuuki Aoi News and Images

Some magazine images, a live event report, and evidence that Ao-chan is pretty sharp academically (click images to enlarge).

For a fall reading feature, Ao-chan says she reads everything from picture books, manga and light novels to text books.  She loves picture books and is reading as many translations of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass as she can find.

At the other extreme, she was reading a psychology textbook for a report at university, but found herself engrossed in it even after she had finished the report. She used to think psychology was dull, but the analyses of human behaviour were fascinating. She used not to enjoy studying, but now that she is being exposed to so many new ideas, she is enjoying it a lot. Learning new things is so much fun.