Monday, February 20, 2012

Best Yuuki Aoi Video Ever (Link)

Yuuki Aoi is becoming more and more herself: a quick, brash, informal otaku college student with irrepressible energy. Her recent appearance at a Symphogear talk event is the most enjoyable video of her I've seen. She appeared with Elements Garden music producer Agematsu Noriyasu and host Washizaki Takeshi.

Unfortunately, the person who uploaded the video to NicoNico Douga has prevented people from embedding it in other pages. But here is a link to the first fifteen minutes of the show, and here is a link to the second fifteen minutes. There is also a single link to a full version with all the viewers' comments scrolling across the screen. (If you haven't registered for NicoNico Douga yet, you can find instructions in English by Googling "register nico". Pick a more recent site, since the look of the sign-up page has changed in the past couple of years.)

Ao-chan seems to have gained some support through the video. Comments like "She's funny," and "She really is cute," are frequent. As are long strings of lol's (in Japanese: "wwww"). Washizaki refers to her as a "genius seiyuu." She demurely expresses embarrassment and then says Uematsu is the genius.

No-one, either participants or commenters, quite knows how to react when Ao-chan picks up a figure of her Symphogear character, Hibiki, and holds it up high so everyone can see it from below, then says: "Yes, she seems to be wearing panties." Comments appear referring to her "otaku eye."

Later she goes into a long discourse on the fact that some figures have panty-lines you can only see from certain angles. Yes, I think she really is some kind of otaku. Mainly RPGs and yaoi comics, I'd bet. I get a nice geeky feel from her when she is smiling, looking down, and nodding her head mechanically in appreciation of something she herself has said.

It seems to me that over the past year of many radio shows she has found a way to behave on radio at least somewhat like she may behave among her own friends: commanding the stage with strings of ironic comments and her infectious squeeze-box laugh.

I have to say it took me a while to get used to her natural voice here. Rather grating, really. As it is in some of her recent roles. But she's cute, smart, and entertaining. She said she was amazed at how quickly the show reached its end. And so was I.

She's learned how to be a bit feminine, and to show some appreciation for what others say. But she seems to like to be the center of attention, and doesn't hesitate to speak up, even between these two prominent men in their thirties: one of the top anime music composers/producers, and probably the top anime TV/radio host.

Smiling and waving to people in the audience while the other participants are talking.

She wears a loose, heavy jacket that gives her some masculine presence, and also obscures the fairly generous size of her breasts, which has become a hot topic among fans.

Agematsu jokes in a friendly way about how short she is, and she confirms that she is 144.5cm tall (just under 4'9").

Just to provide a bit of video, here is a more controlled Ao-chan in a video she made just before Christmas, announcing her solo music CD, which Flying Dog will bring out in March. Like all embedded Nico videos, this will take a while to appear.


Matteas said...

Ao-chan was really great at that Wonder Festival Symphogear event. I was quite tired when I watched it, because it was 3:30 AM here, but thanks to the energy emanating from Ao-chan, I neither yawned nor my eyelids were heavy.

It was cute how she didn't really listen at first when told to be careful with the figures.

Even a friend of mine who watched the Wonfes Nico stream, who is not very knowledgeable nor interested in seiyuu, said she was cute.

Miharu~ said...

Is that her natural voice? , she sounded like she had a cold to me xD
Oh but she sure is funny and cute :)

hashi said...

@Miharu -- Yes, I think that's her natural voice. But since she's a seiyuu, she may not have just one natural voice. Her normal voice is lower than many of her seiyuu roles, anyway. Here's a nicovideo I found that collects bits of a lot of her interviews over the past four years, to give a better sense of how she sounds when she's speaking as herself.