Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seiyuu Ishihara Kaori Gets Into University

In her blog yesterday, 18-year-old seiyuu/idol Ishihara Kaori announced that she has safely passed the exams to get into university:

Almost looks like a university student, doesn't she? She has always seemed fairly intelligent to me, so perhaps appearances are not deceiving. She joins other university-student seiyuus such as Yuuki Aoi and Hayami Saori, and graduates such as Inoue Marina.

Here is her post, including all the emoticons:


*Announcement ~*

Tonight, Kari-san is 

Although I did get a lot of comments on my blog yesterday from people who already knew...

I got into university


I'm going to be a university student!!

I'm so relieved.

But the important thing is that from now on I really want to work hard at doing both college and work.

So please wish me your best.

-- Kari


She posted again today to thank everyone who had congratulated her. She said she was shocked at how many people sent congratulatory comments to her blog -- three pages' worth. And on the set today, she was given flowers. She said going to university had always been her dream, so she was tremendously happy.

I think that Kaori has been doing a terrific job starring in Rinne no Lagrange as Madoka, and as the important secondary character Kanna in Ano Natsu de Matteiru. She has a special freshness and edge in her voice that I think could make her a long-term success as a seiyuu.


Andrew said...

Great for her! Has she given any indications what she's studying?

hashi said...

@Andrew -- No, no indication. Posts in her 2channel thread suggest she might be going to either Waseda or Chuo, both of which apparently announced entrance results on Monday. Those are both pretty good colleges. Yuuki Aoi goes to Waseda, so we know they can make arrangements for students in the entertainment industry.

Anonymous said...

She ought to be yelling out "MARU!" xD

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kaori!!!

jenny said...

hi. can i ask for the link of her blog. ;) thanks

hashi said...

@jenny -- http://ameblo.jp/ishiharakaori/

It's also in the first line of the post -- I guess the purple highlighting on links isn't very obvious.