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Seiyuu/Idol Ishihara Kaori Comes Into Her Own

Ishihara Kaori
For a couple of years now, young seiyuu/idols Ogura Yui (now 16) and Ishihara Kaori 石原夏織 (now 18) have been singing as "YuiKaori ゆいかおり". They did the ED for KissxSis (TV).

Ogura-san has landed some good anime roles, most notably as Alice in Kami-sama no Memo-chou. But Ishihara-san has just broken out this season, with two good roles: one starring as Madoka in Rinne no Lagrange, and one as the childhood friend Kanna in Ano Natsu de Matteru.

And she has been a revelation, at least to me. Her voice has a natural freshness, and an edge that makes it feel present and real.

Like Ogura, Ishihara has been an idol with the Happy! Style agency. She started in 2008, at 15, doing live shows as part of Happy! Style Rookies. She and three others, including Ogura, formed a group called Team Dekaris. She "graduated" from Happy! Style Rookies in 2009, around the time YuiKaori came into existence.

Now the original members of Team Dekaris are back together as StylipS. Their debut single, StudyxStudy, came out this week, and rose from #18 to #16 in its first two days on the charts.

Kaori seems a capable and somewhat serious young woman. Now she is even running her own solo radio show (to go with her other two current radio shows, a TV show, and a video show). But Ogura Yui says she is actually more bubbly in real life than in public performances.

Yui is more famous than Kaori. She is a top teen idol, cute as a button, and a terrific dancer. She did the dancing that was digitized for Hatsune Miku's Project Diva. But Kaori is now coming into her own. Her crocodile smile is very attractive. She has a stronger singing voice than Yui does. And she may end up with a stronger seiyuu career, if her two current roles are anything to go by.

Here are some photos of Kaori:

Ishihara Kaori (right) and Ogura Yui

Here are some videos. First, YuiKaori doing their first song, Steady Boy:

Here they are introducing their fourth single, Shooting Smile:

Here is a dance clip of YuiKaori doing a dance which I think was used in Project Diva. Yui is a wonderful dancer, but Kaori's no slouch:

And here are clips of Kaori as Kanna in the current anime Ano Natsu de Matteru. I couldn't embed this video, so please watch it on NicoNico Douga. If you need to register, here are instructions.

Now, here is a clip from StylipS' StudyxStudy, the ED to High School DxD:

Here is an episode of Kaori's new TV show, with seiyuu Asakura Azumi:

And here is audio from the most recent episode of Kaori's one-woman radio show (this is from NicoNico, so will take a while to appear):

Ishihara Kaori
born 1993.08.06, in Chiba, near Tokyo.
height 153cm.

links - Japanese
official blog
YuiKaori official site
Japanese Wikipedia
old profile

links - English
Anime News Network
My Anime List

anime roles:
Kaichou wa Maid-same (Ayuzawa Sana)
kissxsis (girl)
Yumeiro Patissiere (Clara Hunt, Estragon)
Planzet (Akejima Koyomi)
Double J (Toba Yutaka)
Hidan no Aria (Reki)
Mayochiki (Milk)
Ano Natsu de Matteru (Tanigawa Kanna)
High School DxD (Murayama)
Rinne no Lagrange (Kyouno Madoka)
Saki - Achiga-hen - (Shimizudani Ryuuka)

Toy Wars (Kasuga Towa) online game
Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 (Ramu/White Sister) PS3

Team Dekaris - album
Koi no Dekaris (2009.12.17)

YuiKaori - singles
1 - Our Steady Boy (2010.05.12) #64 in the charts (kissxsis ED and insert song)
2 - Vivid Party (2010.07.21) #91
3 - Heartbeat ga Tonaranai (2010.11.17) #83 (YuiKaori radio show theme)
4 - Shooting Smile (2011.04.06) #57 (online game Toy Wars OP)
5 - Kimi no Yell (2012.03.04)

YuiKaori - album
1 - Puppy (2011.09.21) #40

YuiKaori - other
Koi no Overtake (song on the album "3 Flavors Only," featuring Nazuka Kaori

1 - StudyxStudy (2012.02.08) #16 (High School DxD ED)

Happy Style Academy broadcasting club (2008-09?)
Rinne no Lagrange radio (web radio, 2011.11.05-)
High School DxD radio (web radio, 2011.12.12-)
Ishihara Kaori no Doitama desu (broadcast radio, 2012.01-)

Doga Doga 7 (web)
Pura TWO u (broadcast TV, with Asakura Azumi, 2012.01.02-)


Anonymous said...

Hashi! so glad to see you back. Thanks for the news ^^

Kamon said...

YUIKAORI is a miracle of the universe.

Cerephi said...

I wish yuuki aoi would get another role like the one Dance in the Vampire bund... But she's doing all the high pitch stuff now which I don't like very much like

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful!

Noemi said...

This post made ​​me interested in her, so I'm listening her solo in YUIKAORI's album (Magic Starter) and other music videos of YUIKAORI... Well, she's amazing. But she needs more attention. I think it has much to give.
I like Yui, but Kaori's voice is more strong, and I love this type of voice.
Anyway, wow, she's so pretty... I'm looking at her blog from this morning, she posted a lot of great pictures.

Sorry for my bad english ^ ^

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