Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sugita: "Hit me!" Yuuki Aoi: SLAP!

Yuuki Aoi was the guest on the most recent episode of Sugita Tomokazu and Nakamura Yuuichi's TV show, Tokyo Encounter.

I don't know what led up to this -- perhaps it was Ao-chan winning at a game -- but at one point, Sugita says to her: "Oi, Ao-chan, slap my face as hard as you like." And then suddenly, hardly looking at him, she reaches out and slaps his face with some force:

2channelers found the slap hilarious, especially the way she didn't look at him afterward, just drily hit him and moved on. Go to the end of this post to see the full show.

Anyway, that's my excuse to load up a post with the best of the many photos of Ao-chan that have shown up in the last couple of months. Her career is taking some interesting turns, with a mini-album coming out in March, as well as a photo book. I've always thought of her as a seiyuu who depends on her actual skill. To add these idol-seiyuu aspects to what she does can only help her career. I hope. 

To be honest, I haven't been all that thrilled with her seiyuu work in recent shows. Maybe university and these other career paths are distracting her. Or else her success is making her a bit too sure of her own ideas. Recently she said people should expect in 2012 to have their fixed expectations of her " the best sense." She says that in recording the mini-album, she was a lot more selfish about her own opinions than she had been in the past.

In an interview, she was asked if her own musical taste became part of the new album. She said that it did, with the participation in the work of one person whose CDs she buys: Deko*27, a net artist who works with Vocaloid (listen to that first link, it's good). She also likes the work of bermei inazawa, whom she just learned about during the recording, but whose light cynicism she enjoys. She admits she herself has some doubt about her singing ability, but says she will just go at it with all she has, as she does everything.

Here is Ao-chan talking about the new album:

And here are some photos:

A magazine feature on the "becoming-an-adult ceremony" she held with Hayami Saori,
Kotobuki Minako, and Touyama Nao

She and Hayami Saori do a radio show together

I have never thought of Ao-chan as exactly "pretty," more chunky and cute.
I wondered how they could make a photo book of her. Now I know.

Having fun on Sugita Tomokazu's show

People are now saying she looks a bit like Mizuki Nana. I think it's the teeth and this pose.

Finally, here are (1) a video compilation I just found on NicoNico Douga of live videos of Ao-chan, from 2008 to the present. Takes a while to load: **unfortunately, this video has now been taken down, too**

And (2) the full video of the Sugita/Nakamura/Yuuki show from the beginning of the post. The slap is just before the 28:00 mark: (unfortunately, this video has now been made private) -- however, the video has now shown up from a Chinese site, here (thanks, Phil).


Andrew said...

Has Sugita ever seen Fight Club?

And Ao-chan should certainly remember not to get too cocky, although I somewhat admire her standing up for her musical choices in making her album.

Pw3age said...

And this is why I am always jealous of Sugita. Playing games, hitting on those female seiyuus, and getting hit back sometimes.

Jeremia said...

Ao-chan has got not only a very versitale voice, but a rather versitale appearance as well- on some of those pictures she looks like she was dressed up for her shichi-go-san, and some other pictures really show that she's a "mune kekko aru loli" ;D

Furuba-tan said...

oh, tokyo encounter, a very hilarious show. have you seen episode 7? here's an extract:

Phil said...
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Phil said...

Left a silly typo in before, fixed. :P

For those wondering what lead to this:

The three of them were playing Mario Party 8, which had Ao-chan winning by the end of the main part of the game. But then Sugita and Nakamura both gain stars for collecting the most coins or winning mini-games, etc.

In the end, the COM player was last, Sugita third, Ao-chan second and Nakamura first (by 100 coins more than Ao-chan!).

Bitterly disappointed, Sugita joked she should hit him as a punishment for failure, and then: *bam*. :)

See 27:30 here for the moment:

hashi said...

@Phil -- Thanks for the link. I've embedded the video at the end of the original post. I kept looking for it on NicoNico Douga. Who knew it would be on YouTube? Lol.

Kamon said...

Doh, the video has been made private.

Phil said...

@hashi Refound! :P

Furuba-tan said...

othe video from phil's new link is originally from youku.
there^s also an embed link. and on youku are also a few other tokyo encounter episodes. found them a few months ago.

soul.assassin said...

LOL, Madoka pwning Leon Mishima, with Alto watching. xD