Friday, March 30, 2012

Arai Satomi: "I'm married and a mother."

Arai Satomi, seiyuu, wife,
and mother
In her blog today, seiyuu Arai Satomi announces that she got married four years ago and has a son a year and nine months old.

Mikko's most famous role is as the yuri schoolgirl security officer Kuroko in Index and Railgun. Her bizarre Kuroko voice has become her trademark. But I was most impressed by her work in Mahoraba, where she played the heroine Kozue and her four alternate personalities.

Mikko, who is 31, apologized for keeping her marriage quiet for so long, but said there were "various reasons" that kept delaying her announcement. Finally she just decided she wanted to go ahead and bring things out into the open. It lifts a burden from her shoulders, she says.

Seiyuu can be abandoned by their fans for simply having a boyfriend, so being a wife and mother could be a problem, -- though it doesn't seem that her marriage last year has harmed Nazuka Kaori's career.


jlumagui said...

I guess that's why Aki Toyosaki replaced her as Pekke in Motto To-Love Ru. At 31, I think she's in the "safe" zone. She's a favorite. I hope she doesn't get heat for this.

animekritik said...


Furuba-tan said...

judgment desu no~ ヾ(≧∇≦)〃
she's one of my favorite seiyuus ever, maybe I should watch mahoraba, as you say she's better there.

and I wonder how she could keep her pregnancy secret. around 2010 she was busy with Index II and other roles. and nobody said anything and she could keep it private. that is also a awesome skill!

hashi said...

@Furuba-tan -- Her voice as Kozue in Mahoraba is good, but what's really impressive is that she does four other voices as well. But those don't come until the latter part of the series.

It's impressive that other seiyuus and staff kept her marriage and pregnancy quiet for her.

Andrew said...

Good for her. I have a feeling she's a much better mother than, say, Snooki will be.

Her kid is about old enough to talk now. I wonder if she's tried to teach him this song: