Friday, March 02, 2012

Excited Yuuki Aoi Tries to Calm Down

 After hearing Friday morning that she will get the Seiyuu Award for an actress in a leading role, Yuuki Aoi made a rambling blog post about how happy and excited she is and how much she thanks people for voting for her.

The post gets across a bit of what she's like on radio -- noisy and nuts -- so I thought I'd translate it for your delectation. 

A few notes to help you understand what she's saying: Sawashiro-san is her idol, seiyuu Sawashiro Miyuki; Ao-chan's 20th birthday is on March 27, and in Japan, you become an adult at 20;  Misao is a nickname for her radio partner, seiyuu Hayami Saori; (`・ω・´) Radio is a nickname for their show; Setomin is a nickname for even younger seiyuu Seto Asami, star of Chihayafuru; and when they're nervous about an appearance, entertainers in Japan are apparently advised to think of all the people in the audience as pumpkins. Here's the post:

Expressing my feelings and trying to calm down

In the Seiyuu Awards, I was given the award for top actress in a leading role!
Really, thank you so much!
Wah, wah, wah...amaaaazing!!
I’m “filled with emotion,” as they say. So excited. I can hardly believe it...!
My head is full of so much happiness that I’m in an uncontrollable panic.
Tomorrow I have to do my best to give a really good acceptance speech! 

And soon I’ll be 20! How cool is that?
No laughing! A serious speech!
Huh? Serious? Me? What will I do?
Calm down, me! Me, calm down!
T..t..t..tomorrow, by the time of the awards ceremony....
I’ll look at Sawashiro-san’s acceptance speech again,
And get together what I want to say, so I can say it in a few words,
thinking of everyone around me as pumpkins.
Oh! But isn’t it impolite to think of people as pumpkins!?
It’s me who is the pumpkin.
Calm down.
But pumpkins can’t talk! What will I do?
Misaooooooooooooo! Help!!! (>_<)

On (`・ω・´) Radio this week we had a guest for the whole show.
It was Seto-chan! Setomin!
Not “Sesamin”!
Setomin was really cute:...what kind of leotard..."as you were"....
I wonder what kind of student she is
We talked about a lot of things. Actually, our taste in clothing seems to be pretty similar!? We confirmed a lot of things.
It was a really enjoyable recording session (*^^*)
Misao and I got very excited about having Setomin come back again to play (〃^ー^〃)

Anyway, that’s enough of that. Back to reality!
I’ll do my best tomorrow!
The “yu” in “Yuuki” means brave, I'll be a brave figure.
P...p...p...please watch and enjoy!
Fu! I’m not nervous at all!!
I’m sorry, the awards ceremony coming up so soon has thrown me for a loop.
My words are all over the place...!
Today I’m all over the place, but tomorrow I’ll have calmed down. I apologize. Please forgive me!
Really, really, thank you very much!

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Anonymous said...

Cute. Nice to be enthusiastic.