Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yuuki Aoi CD Music Video Clip

Yuuki Aoi's first music CD will be coming out on March 28. Her label, Flying Dog, has released a clip from the music video.

Be prepared. This is pretty weird. A week or so ago, Ao-chan said she would be doing some different things this year, and she hoped her fans would accept them.

I'll just say that I was shocked at first, but began to absolutely love the clip after the fourth or fifth view. We're not in Kansas any more, Toto.

Commenters compare the backgrounds to the work of Inukare, creator of the witch worlds in Madoka Magica. The song is by game composer bermei.inazawa.

Ao-chan shows herself pretty capable in the visual world she inhabited as a child actress and teen TV presenter. Chunky little Ao-chan is hardly a smooth dancer, but her expressions -- and especially the movements of her hands -- are entrancing. Note the little finger-wiggle near the end of the clip, waggling imaginary cat ears ("boku wa neko"). This is as much a dramatic performance as a song, with Ao-chan's weak but fairly accurate voice mixed quite low.

In an interview on HMV's site, she says that she is a fan of online artist DECO*27, who did most of the music on the mini-album. Here are some of his works. In an interview on the new site JVC has set up for Ao-chan, DECO*27 says that he is a fan of hers, too, and has been since Kurenai. Both he and bermei.inazawa praise her expressiveness, and say she grasps the meaning of each song, coming up with new angles on it. Here are other works by bermei.inazawa.

In her HMV interview, Ao-chan was asked to suggest what people might buy from the HMV store, besides this CD. Here are her answers:

CD -- "Fairy Encyclopedia," Kanno Youko's sound track for the game Napple Tale. (clip)
DVD -- Inception; also, Transformers
book -- "How to Raise a Fairy." Here are a couple of pics from the book:

Asked what she did in her spare time, Ao-chan said she loves gaming.

Pre-order from CD Japan.


Seedmanc said...

PV looks a bit like Shimizu Ai's ones in terms of being "weird".

hashi said...

@Seedmanc -- Hey, thanks for pointing that out. I took a look at a couple of Shimizu Ai's videos and I see the visual similarity.

But I think there are basic differences in her own presentation: Ao-chan's approach has a bit of irony to it, whereas Ai-chan seems to me to be basically playing it straight cute. And, of course, Ao-chan herself is far more visually expressive, always trying to put some little joke over on us, so to speak.

Ai-chan was one of the first seiyuus I liked, way back in Onegai Twins. I probably liked her partly because other people hated that tiny voice, lol.

soul.assassin said...

Funny, Ao-chan mentioning Inception... reminds me of Totoum's take on that movie trailer and grafting clips from PMMM. :))

Jianyi said...