Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yuuki Aoi has her first drink -- with her parents

Yuuki Aoi, having just turned 20, which is the drinking age in Japan, has posted about having her first drink -- with her parents! (Or so she says...) Here's the post:

2012.03.29 03:42 

I drank sake with my parents!
The picture is my congratulatory lobster!
It was my first time drinking alcohol -- lol
So this is cold sake, daddy?’s bitter, bitter!!!
Why is it so bitter?!
It gives me the shivers!
Father: (laughs)
Mother: Have something sweet...
Okay, coconut milk!
Ahhh! This is sweet and delicious!!
Later, the back of my head felt like someone was pulling on it with all their might...
Is this being drunk?!!
I felt pretty loopy (^_^;)
Growing up to 20 was easy, but bringing me up must have been pretty hard. So let’s drink to my parents’ hard work!
I wanted to have my first drink with my parents ♪
When I go out drinking with Misao and Minako, I’ll have tested my capacity in a safe place!
Getting high on alcohol is pretty fun (^O^)
Though I got drunk unexpectedly quickly,
From now on I won’t feel nervous when someone invites me!?
When I’m drinking with adults, I should act like an adult. Like my grandma says: "If you get drunk too quickly, you’ll lose your way."
Okay! One step up the stairway of adulthood.

"Misao" and "Minako" are seiyuus Hayami Saori and Kotobuki Minako, who are Ao-chan's friends and who are also 20.

Here are pics of Ao-chan's parents from a year or two ago, then of her with her mother, from several years ago. Her father is a department head in a game company. Her mother was the one who took her to lessons and auditions and tapings when she was a child actress:


caitlyn said...

I'm not the only one who thought of Madoka and her mom, right?

soul.assassin said...

LOL, damn right! :)) I can only imagine what her first hangover looks like.

Andrew said...

Careful, Ao-chan; you are kinda small so you might get hit harder.