Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yuuki Aoi Photobook "Diamant Fille" sample images

The photobook featuring pics of Yuuki Aoi came out last week, and is hovering around 20th place in sales of idol photobooks on Amazon Japan, having reached into the top ten. The book can be ordered from Amazon Japan or Kinokuniya, among other places.

I must admit that when I first heard about it, the idea of a photobook for Ao-chan made little sense to me. Not that I think she isn't good looking, just that she isn't good-looking in a sexy photobook kind of way.

Taketatsu Ayana? Sure. Tanaka Rie? Of course. But chunky little Ao-chan, who always seems to dress in a carefully unrevealing way?

Yeah, well, I guess I was wrong. The photos may not be top quality, but it's fun to see her in various outfits and poses. And she really is cute. Here are a few samples. Click images to enlarge.

As a Japanese tweet said: "How many Ao-chans are there in there?" Seiyuu, cartoonist, singer, university student, radio host, sometime actress, and now gravure idol?

Of course, some fans' interest does tend to be summarized in two phrases: "legal loli," and "big-breasted loli."

Ao-chan borrowed the high-school sailor suit uniform from her mother, who had kept it since her own school days.

The book's title, Diamant fille, means "Diamond Girl," in French. (Her album is called Petit pas, which means "Small Step," also in French.) Ao-chan's family's questionable etymology claims her given name of Aoi 碧 (which normally means blue-green) refers to a diamond.


Seedmanc said...

>just that she isn't good-looking in a sexy photobook kind of way.

This raises a question which have been bugging me for some time - is there really a need for this "usual" kind of photobooks for seiyuu? Why do their creators tend to make them the same "hot" way as photobooks for your average mainstream idol instead of emphasizing cuteness? I think this would suit Seiyuu way better.

soul.assassin said...

@Seed, I think those photobooks have been published around the time when the likes of Kikuko Inoue were at the top of their game; whether they look hot (i.e. Rie Tanaka) or homely, the books tend to give them added publicity.

The way I see it, there's almost every photobook for every media personality in Japan, even seiyuu.

shotohea said...

>Diamant fille
They should've asked someone who actually speak french.
'Diamond girl' would translate to "Fille en diamant". It's a bit sad for her to have her photobook's title mistranslated. I mean they used french to make it look classy but it ends up sounding retarded.

hashi said...

@shotohea -- They do that with English all the time, so in a way I'm glad to have French share the dubious distinction of being a language the Japanese use to look classy, but end up getting abysmally wrong. Oh well, it probably sounds classy to someone with no knowledge of French. But I agree: why can't they just ask a French student in Japan? Or contact the Alliance Francaise?