Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yuuki Aoi's Birthday Blog Post

It was Yuuki Aoi's birthday on Tuesday, and she had events over the weekend in Tokyo where she signed copies of her photobook Diamant Fille for people, having a few words with each one as she did.

The picture to the right is of a life-size (144cm/4'9") cardboard cut-out of Ao-chan that has been set up at about twenty major anime and book stores around Japan, to advertise her new album, Petit Pas, which has just hit the stores.

Here is her blog post, which was posted at 2:30am Tuesday night, Tokyo time -- a little over four hours ago. She says she would like white to be the colour of light-stick her fans use. She says Kotobuki Minako is her waifu and no-one else can have her. And she skirts the question of whether she can be called a fujoshi or not.

2012.03.28 Birthday, Book Signings

The 27th!
I’m 20!!!
I’ve received so many good wishes this birthday.
Of the 20 birthdays I’ve experienced, this is the one I’ve received the most congratulations on.
And today is the day Diamant Fille comes out, filled as it is with my teen years, which will never come again.
Thank you to all of you who came to the Diamant Fille autograph sessions!!!!
As I expected, it was wonderful to see people one by one and speak a few words with them!
I got a lot of power from it ヾ(`・ω・´)ノ
Thank you very much!!!!
I spoke with almost 300 people, on all kinds of subjects, and I had many pretty frank questions. I noted down some of the most frequent ones and I’ll try to answer them here:

Q. What color of light-stick is best?
A. I think something like white is cute (*´艸`*) The kanji aoi 碧 combines the kanji for "king" 王, "white" 白, and "stone" 石 -- and has been explained as referring to a diamond. White is good, it’s cute. So...! [The normal meaning of
aoi 碧 is "blue-green," so to ask fans to use white is fairly special. ]

Q. What page in the book do you recommend?
A. Personally, I like the pages with Ashu (the white cat) and me (σ・ω・)σ My mom and grandma would suggest the ones with the tasteful sailor suit.

Q. Is Yuuki Aoi-san really a fujoshi?
A. Ehhh! I wonder... Anyway, stop that! That’s all I’ll say.

Q. What should I do to make Kotobuki-san my bride?
A. Since Kotobuki-san is my bride, that’s not possible for anybody else in Japan. [note: “my bride” is ore no yome, which is exactly like “my waifu.” She uses the strongly male pronoun ore, as any other otaku would.]

Q. Aren’t you going to get tendinitis from all this signing?
A. Thank you for worrying about me, but d('Д'*d) I’m totally okay! Compared to when I wrote a manuscript, it’s nothing. Oh, I’d better stop there...

Q. You’re so sneaky, going off to Okinawa with Misao like that!
A. (`・ω・´) doh-ya!

Does that convey some of the atmosphere to those of you who weren’t there??
Yuuki Aoi had a lot of fun!
At the same time as I was shrieking and laughing, I got words of congratulation from more people than I will ever get again, I imagine.
Every instant was important to me...
I am really, really lucky!!!
Thank you very much!!!!


caitlyn said...

She is so awesome. I wonder what kind of manuscript she wrote... Maybe the same kind her character from Ben-To was writing? oh lawd

But um, 144 cm is 4'9", not 5'9" lol. Ao-chan is definitely not three inches taller than me...

hashi said...

@caitlyn -- Lol. Thanks. I guess I was thinking of the fact that she says her height is 144.5cm.

Yes, I wondered about that "manuscript" too. Poking around in various dictionaries, the word might actually also refer to a sketch of an artwork, too. That seems more likely in Ao-chan's case.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she would have gained Fujioshi fans if she declears herself as a Fujioshi.

hashi said...

@caitlyn, @anonymous -- I just read a post on 2channel that thought she had basically admitted here to (a) being a fujoshi, and (b) having been part of a doujin circle (the manuscript).