Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yuuki Aoi's CD -- Comments from Composers DECO*27 and bermei.inazawa

In my post about Yuuki Aoi's new CD, I mentioned interviews with the composers of the songs on it, DECO*27 and bermei.inazawa. Here is a translation of the interviews.

Comments by bermei.inazawa

Did you know of Yuuki Aoi before? What was your impetus for working with her?

bermei.inazawa -- I first became interested in her when I watched the anime Gosick. I saw her name in the credits for that show. Then I saw her as star of Madoka Magika. Only now have I found out how surprisingly young she is.

What is her appeal?

bermei.inazawa -- Even though she has a “cute” voice, I think it is in her low register that she really shows her acting ability. She is very good at expressing the subtleties of a character. And this connects directly with the precision of her psychological expression when she sings. I am attracted by her potential as a singer.

Please tell us anything striking that happened when you were making the song.

bermei.inazawa -- Really, just meeting Yuuki-san. “Looks like a child, but has the mind of an adult”... that expression was made for Yuuki Aoi! She’s an amusing person who gives a very honest feel.

What colour would you associate with her?

bermei.inazawa -- Her name means “blue” or “green,” but I think she is more of a warm colour!

Finally, please tell us something about the songs you did with her.

bermei.inazawa -- “The Tail of the Horse on the Merry-go-Round” [the song in the video]. I wanted to make a really adorable song. Actually, when I wrote the song, I was thinking of Giselle’s voice from Last Exile - Ginyaku no Fam. But when I heard the way she sang it, I thought: “I see! You can do it this way, too.” I remember really feeling admiration for her. It wasn’t just a song; she approached it using her seiyuu skills.

“Night Parade.” Her excellence burst forth here, too! The melody evolves in a very difficult way, and is quite confusing, but I think she brought the development to life. In this quirky song, Yuuki-san seems never to lose her way. She felt its possibilities. I think we made a marvelously funny song.

Comments from DECO*27

Did you know of Yuuki Aoi before? What was your impetus for working with her?

DECO*27 -- I knew her from watching the anime Kurenai. Her very individual voice quality and her great acting ability surprised me. I’ve been a fan of hers since then.

What is her appeal?

DECO*27 -- The emotion that she puts in her words really comes across. To be honest, I am often overcome with emotion when I watch her shows.

Please tell us anything striking that happened while you were making this song.

DECO*27 -- I was asked to write two songs, and I decided to give them each a different atmosphere. Yuuki-san drew this out of each song in a marvelous way. I was very happy with the way she brought the feelings of each song out and expressed them just the way I imagined them.

What colour would you associate with her?

DECO*27 -- Purple! [Japanese: murasaki.]

Finally, please tell us something about the songs you did with her.

DECO*27 -- “Ferris Wheel Clock." I tried to write a song that was heart-rending but still cute. I think that Yuuki-san’s voice enlarged the song’s world. It was as if she was on the ferris wheel from the song.

“Sugar Loop.” I wrote this with an image of the “cool” Yuuki-san in my mind. With the band backing her, Yuuki-san was able to float up above them. It was really cool. Someday I’ll try playing the guitar behind her!


Votamega said...

Thanks for the translation! I can't wait to hear the songs DECO*27 made for her!!

Anonymous said...

My favorite track is unquestionably "Night Parade". I'm still listening to it, and think I will for years to come.