Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia -- characters/seiyuus pics and info

Oonuma Shin's new show for Silver Link. The story of a pretty, and pretty forceful, ghost in an old school. Hara Yumi of The Idolm@ster helps create a fascinating character. And she is ably supported by Yonaga Tsubasa as the main male character, who is not a wuss; and by Fukuen Misato as an innocent, interfering enthusiast; as well as by Kitamura Eri as someone less innocent.

I have enjoyed the show so far. The big talking point on AnimeSuki has been the fact that the anime started with a later chapter of the manga, and only turned to chapter one in episode 2. Fans of the manga have been scratching their heads and voicing their displeasure.

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Anonymous said...

Its Takane, especially when she's doing the preview bits.