Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Touyama Nao Concert DVD

Touyama Nao 東山奈央 is another 20-year-old seiyuu just coming into her own. In Nao-bou's case, that includes not just her seiyuu roles (for instance Yune in Ikoku Meiro no Croisee) and her recordings, but also her surprisingly forward radio appearances, and a live concert that will be released on DVD/BD  May 30.

The concert was called "Ribbon Revolution," and was held in Tokyo on February 12. Here is a 1.5-minute promo for the DVD:

Her ability to carry a tune is one of Nao-bou's secret weapons. Her child-like cuteness is another:

The concert is based around Nao-bou's debut role as Nakagawa Kanon in The World God Only Knows. Her other roles include Yune in Croisee in a Foreign Labyrinth, Tiger in Star Driver, Margot in Horizon, and currently Ako in Saki Achiga-hen, and Miyu in Eureka Seven Ao.

She really is a competent singer, not just another weak-voiced seiyuu who can't quite carry a tune.

Her nickname of Nao-bou means "Nao-boy," and was given her in elementary school because she looked like a little boy. In middle school, she gained the nickname "Touyaman," or "Tiny Hero Touyaman." She was 149cm (4'10-1/2") tall in high school, but has now grown to 153cm (just under 5 feet).

I think her voice acting is competent, and she did a nice job in the role of Yune. She graduated from the best-known seiyuu school, Nihon Narration, and is with the major (and formerly scandal-ridden) Arts Vision agency.

Rumour has her currently attending university at Waseda University, the same top-class university as Yuuki Aoi and Hayami Saori. Intelligence may be another secret weapon of hers.

The concert CD/DVD/BDs are available for pre-order from CDJapan.

For those who understand some Japanese, here is the most recent edition of her radio-dot-i radio show, "Nao no Koto":


FFF said...

She have a little bit nervous voice but the live performance still good.