Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Seiyuu Ookubo Rumi Live Video

I enjoyed Yuruyuri, but didn't really notice Ookubo Rumi's voice as Chinatsu. It wasn't until Tsumiki in the current show Acchi Kocchi that I have realized Rumi really is a good seiyuu. She is making a moe character even more moe. And she does a quite different character well as Oda Nobunaga in the underappreciated Sengoku Collection. She has a bit of range and understands her roles.

She and four other young seiyuu -- Uesaka Sumire, Komatsu Mikako, Takamori Natsumi, Mikami Shiori -- do a radio show called A+G Next Generation Lady Go!! Each seiyuu hosts a different night of the week. Video of the broadcast is streamed. I caught one of Rumi's nights on NicoNico and was impressed by her fantasy, liveliness, and apparent self-aware irony. She seems like a dangerous character, lol. And oh, yeah: she's sexy as anything.

(This is from NicoNico, so it could take up to a minute or more for the video to appear. You can turn off the scrolling comments by clicking the little balloon with three dots in it at the lower right of the video frame.)

I think she's fairly entertaining even if you don't understand what she's saying. She does publicity for events and shows, reads listeners' letters and replies to them in an amusing but businesslike way, does a drawing, puts on cat ears like Tsumiki's, etc.

She talks about how nerve-wracking it was to do the live event for her solo mini-album. She's used to appearing live with a group, for Yuruyuri or Acchi Kocchi, where attention shifts from one performer to the next, but this time she knew she would be the whole center of attention and couldn't sleep the night before.

But she realized she was an entertainer and was supposed to draw energy from all those people watching her. So she did, and ended up enjoying the event. At an Acchi Kocchi live event, it was a thrill to see all the blue lightsticks -- since blue was the colour for her character, Tsumiki.

From the 22-year-old Rumi I get a real feeling of competence. And of nervous energy. And of sensuality.

Keep an eye on her. I think she may be on her way to a popularity similar to Taketatsu Ayana's, as a moe seiyuu -- unless fans find her personally a bit too sharp, in contrast to Ayanyan's softness. On 2channel, at least some fans call her "ugly," which seems fairly bizarre to me, but I guess I can see it. Maybe her features are too pronounced for the 2channelers, or maybe she's a bit too sexy, as opposed to cute.

She was a student at seiyuu school in 2009 when she passed an audition by the 81Produce agency and got her first unnamed roles in Sasameki Koto.

In 2011, she got her first starring role, as Suguri in Happy Kappy. But she had four other major roles last year as well: Kaho in Freezing, Cure Muse in Sweet Precure, Chinatsu in Yuruyuri, and Yuzuki in Copihan. As well as numerous unnamed roles in both Madoka Magica and Cardfight Vanguard.

In 2012, she is now starring in Acchi Kocchi and Sengoku Collection, and as Mia in Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.

She says she was a cheerleader in high school. Until then, she had no interest in clothes, but being with the cheerleaders turned her into the fairly stylish person she is now. When she puts on the cat-ears, she only leaves them on for a short time, saying her hairstyle doesn't suit them -- which is true.

And she can sing, as shown by her ED (with Hanazawa Kana) for Sengoku Collection. Or her ED for Acchi Kocchi. Not a pro singer, but at the level of a moderately capable seiyuu singer like Taketatsu.

She's 22, born in Saitama, near Tokyo, on 27 September 1989, and is about 150cm tall (4'10") and quite slight of build.


Furuba-tan said...

oh, I always thought taketatsu ayana voiced chinatsu in yuru yuri, but she only voiced miraclerun... I really thought I recognized chinatsu's voice as taketatsu's... now I'm feeling emo. //ФωФ)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, quite enjoy it.

LOL about the "TaI-To-Ru Ko-Ru". Certainly they want to make "Lady Go" a double of "Ready Go" but think only Japanese or those with certain proficiency in Jap-lish could get it...