Friday, May 04, 2012

Spring Anime Popularity in Japan and Overseas

Accel World
As everyone predicted, this is a pretty good spring anime season. There are lots of good shows, popular both in Japan and with overseas fans.

But there are differences in taste between the Japanese target audience and foreign anime watchers. Here is a table showing shows' popularity as a subject of discussions on the Japanese discussion board 2channel and in the English-language forums on AnimeSuki.

The most-discussed show in both places is Accel World. But the late-starting Hyouka is catching up. In Japan, the other highly popular shows are Saki Achiga-hen and Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. In the West, Nyaruko is similarly popular, but Saki is at a lower level and Eureka 7 Ao much higher.

In Japan, Lupin 3 scores a lot higher than in the West. In the West, Medaka Box, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, and Sankarea are a lot more popular than they are in Japan.

Here is the full list, make of it what you will. Numbers current as of a couple of hours ago. The 2ch numbers show how many thousand-post threads each show has. The AnimeSuki numbers are numbers of posts:

2ch rank
      2ch      AS AS rank
1 accel world 33 1221 1
2 saki 31 532 7
3 hyouka 30 969 2
4 nyaruko 27 837 3
5 eureka 7 ao 15 823 4
6 lupin 3 15 203 16
7 mysterious girlfriend x 15 453 9
8 natsuiro kiseki 11 317 13
9 medaka box 10 595 6
10 jormungand 9 354 12
11 sakamichi 7 428 11
12 akb0048 7 438 10
13 tasogare otome amnesia 7 668 5
14 sankarea 7 482 8
15 tsuritama 6 161 19
16 shining hearts 6 153 20
17 kuroko no basuke 6 119 21
18 uchuu kyoudai 6 200 17
19 upotte 6 306 14
20 sengoku collection  4 69 24
21 acchi kocchi 4 205 15
22 zetman 4 179 18
23 shirokuma café 4 63 25
24 hiiro no kakera 3 92 23
25 ginga e kickoff 2 20 27
26 shiba inuko 1        n/a 30
27 gon 1 7 29
28 yurumates 3d 1 29 26
29 kuromajo-san ga touru 1 12 28
30 ozma        n/a 117 22

Personally, my top show of the season is Sakamichi no Apollon, which ranks 11th both in Japan and overseas. But I also like Hyouka, which is popular everywhere; Nyaruko and Lupin 3, which are more popular in Japan; Tasogare Otome and Sankarea, which are popular in the West; Jormungand, which is middlingly popular in both places; and Acchi Kocchi, which is popular nowhere, but especially not in Japan, for whatever reason.

EDIT: I should have added that there are several shows I can't track on 2channel, because their threads are numbered continuing from previous series of the same franchise: korezombie, fatezero, precure, qb, saint seiya, kimi to boku, recorder to randoseru. As FFF points out in a comment, Precure may be the most popular show of all.


Anonymous said...

Not if only Japan would start buying more Saki. I'll be importing it, but its preorder rankings so far aren't all that amazing. Not a bomb by any stretch, but not particularly high yet. Hoepfully it'll pick up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, should be "Now if only...". Need an edit function.

FFF said...

...and the winner is: Smile Precure!


The real deal will be the bd/dvd sales and it will change so many. The titles what are actually in good position, can be unpopular in the stores and the season just started so this list is too early.

hashi said...

@FFF -- I should have added that there are several shows that could be very popular, but that I am unable to track on 2ch because they are new series of old franchises, and their threads are numbered starting from the totals for the previous series: korezombie, fatezero, precure, qb, saint seiya, kimi to boku, recorder to randoseru. It would take me too long to go through all the threads and figure out when they started posting about the new series. Precure continues to float above the crowd, as it has always done, lol.

And of course, it's DVD/BD sales that are the actual moneymakers. Forum posts are just a rough guide. I think they're a fairly good guide to Japanese sales, but I haven't done the research to check that here.

As for "too early," this is far from the last word -- especially for a late-starting and rising show like Hyouka -- but it's a start. Thanks for introducing a new source of info.

Glo said...

Mysterious Girlfriend X NOT number 1???


Jeremia said...

I have to say, I'm really suprised about the low rank of Acchi Kocchi; I thought that it's both original enough and cliche enough to be in the first ten. Well, maybe the rather low amount of storylines in each episode is to blame. Furthermore, the simplyfied backgrounds, that reached its peak with Lucky Star may be on the downhill side now; another thing is the cast- it's Fukuhara Kaori's third main role in a 4koma manga adaptation, and Nabatame-sama's second; on the other hand, if that could be the main reason J.C. Staff would be bankrupt now.

Anyhow, still a mystery.

Cerephi said...

Interesting thing - the main character girl in Upotte!! seiyuu sounds like Yuuki Aoi's energetic roles. I wonder if Yuuki Aoi made a new spectrum of voice that other seiyuus are trying to mimic now.

I hope same thing happens for Inu to boku xx service main female character in that that tsundere voice will become popular in the seiyuu industry.

hashi said...

@Cerephi -- I think you're right. I'm not a huge fan of that voice of Ao-chan's, but it won her the seiyuu award, and I think Japanese viewers like it enough to convince other seiyuu to imitate it. Hidaka Rina hadn't impressed me before, but I thought she was excellent in Inu x Boku.