Monday, June 11, 2012

New Sakamoto Maaya/Kanno Youko Single Video Clip

Here's a clip from the music video of Sakamoto Maaya's new single, More than Words モアザンワーズ, composed and arranged by Kanno Youko.

It is the OP to the Code Geass OVA that will come out on August 4. The single will be released July 25.


lvlln said...

A little too mellow for my tastes. Love Maaya Sakamoto, but I do like it better when she's got a lot of energy.

OmegaDon said...

I think it's a perfect song for the content, considering this will be the theme of a relatively bittersweet and/or tragic anime story.

There would be more of a need for extra energy if it was expected to be more upbeat and happy.