Monday, June 25, 2012

Saki event: Yuuki Aoi, Touyama Nao, Hanazawa Kana, MAKO, Uchiyama Yumi

Here are a few pics and a video from promotion of the first Saki Achiga-hen DVD/BD release. First, here's a cast photo:

(l-r) MAKO (plays Yuu), Touyama Nao (Ako), Yuuki Aoi (Shizuno), Hanazawa Kana (Kuro), Uchiyama Yumi (Arata)
This was taken at an event where the five of them competed on a new version of Sega's arcade Saki mah jong game. None of them had actually played mah jong before getting involved in Saki. Ao-chan was her usual exuberant self:

She kept hitting everything she wanted -- but still came in last. MAKO was noticeably more serious about the play, but in the end Uchiyama Yumi won:


Touyama Nao

Hanazawa Kana

Uchiyama Yumi
And finally, here is a promo video apparently shot the same day, featuring Touyama Nao and Yuuki Aoi promoting the first volume of the Saki Achiga-hen BD/DVDs:

They both go to university, perhaps even the same one, are in the same year, and clearly get along pretty well.

Are you wondering about that "Brandt" shirt Ao-chan is wearing? It is apparently based on the logo of a German biscuit manufacturer. Among other places, you can find the shirts here.

At one point Ao-chan crosses her arms, as if to emphasize her now-famous full-size chest. Or is she trying to hide it? Probably the former, since the shirt gives some emphasis, itself. She is twenty, after all. But Ao-chan continues to avoid anything that doesn't cover her up pretty well.


Andrew said...

Maybe Ao-chan has a coquettish, teasing side. Remember when she said "men start at 30"?