Saturday, June 09, 2012

Which seiyuus have the most Twitter followers?

Sugita Tomokazu
Here's a list of the thirty seiyuus with the most Twitter followers. It's interesting that many of the younger voices aren't on Twitter -- or at least aren't on Twitter publicly.

The top names? Sugita Tomokazu and Hirano Aya, with Sugita's TV partner Nakamura Yuuichi third. And you thought Aya had disappeared.... Haruhi and Kyon keep echoing down the years.

The source says that there are changes in the order over time, but the top ten have remained the same names since February. Here's the list, men and women:

Hirano Aya
Sugita Tomokazu  354,707
Hirano Aya   317,142
Nakamura Yuuichi  269,142
Tamura Yukari  223,170
Kitamura Eri 187,001
Kaji Yuuki   154,094
Tanaka Rie  145,131
Inoue Marina 134,087
Ohtsuka Akio  132,371
10  Taketatsu Ayana  129,423

11  Morikubo Showtaro  116,682!/MorikuBorn
12  Katou Emiri  110,745!/Emiryun
13  Okiayu Ryoutarou 105,827!/chikichikiko
14  Yasumoto Hiroki 102,832!/__yasumoto__
15  Imai Asami 98,713!/asamingosu
16  Ueda Kana  97,318!/uedakana
17  Seki Tomokazu   94,278!/seki0908
18  Taniyama Kishou  92,975!/kishownstarmaps
19  Namikawa Daisuke  92,920!/namidai0402
20  Yamadera Kouichi  88,449!/yamachanoha

21  Paku Romi   83,698!/romiansaran
22  Onosaka Masaya 82,939!/masayangest
23  Satou Rina  79,604!/rinasatoh
24  Konishi Katsuyuki 73,599!/KCONIQ
25  Morita Masakazu  72,563!/edokko_dey
26  Shimoda Asami  71,734!/shimoda_asami
27  Inoue Kazuhiko  71,687!/inouekazuhiko
28  Fukuen Misato   71,581!/misa0110
29  Suwabe Junichi 69,065!/MY_MURMUR
30  Asano Masami  63,249!/masumi_asano


TPAB said...

I was expecting one of the K-on girls but woah, Kyon tops the list. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Gin-chan at number 1. Awesome

Kunagisa said...

I'm surprised Nana and Minorin aren't up there (and a few others). Aren't they the only two who's up on the cover of Seiyuu Grand Prix, Seiyuu Animedia, and Pick-Up Voice all at once(well Nana got that just now and Minorin was back 2010/4)? I'd imagine they'd be pretty popular.

hashi said...

@Kunagisa -- That would definitely be surprising -- if either of them was on Twitter. They both have blogs -- and Minorin's is very active -- but neither is on Twitter, as far as I can tell.

Kunagisa said...

@hashi -- Ah thanks for the clarification, I don't use twitter so I just assume they would have one since they're both so popular.

Clement Tan said...

Ah, I wish Nana have a twitter account.

But she is really bad at technology stuff, isn't it so?

leonizumi said...

sugita and aya number 2 !!!!!! yeah!!!!!

Unknown said...

@kunagisa: Mizuki Nana is not techy (as so she said) and she doesn't know how to use it so she doesn't have one. (Tamura have tried to convince her LOL but she said she's an idiot when it comes to gadget so it just won't work lmao)

Anonymous said...

You didnt mention Junichi Suwabe :/