Friday, June 29, 2012

Yuuki Aoi on Koyama Tsuyoshi's Motorcycle

After several posts detailing her exploits in Pokemon gaming, in her blog today Ao-chan has posted a pic of herself astride Koyama Tsuyoshi's big bike (right click and open in new tab to enlarge):

She is at pains to apologize for being misleading with her red pack: that is not an elementary-schooler's randoseru, she says.

This seems too big a bike for the diminutive Ao-chan, but she says she'd love to have a big, cool bike herself, and really thinks she could. She expresses admiration for Hayami Saori getting her driver's licence.

She says that Koyama Tsuyoshi and Kuroda Takaya both have big bikes that look like Transformers, but they assure her that they cannot transform. She mentioned that she would like to see what it was like to be on one and they let her her sit on one. She doesn't say if either of them gave her a ride. 

Before anyone gets any ideas, I should add that both seiyuus are approaching fifty, too old even for Ao-chan.

Love her outfit, and especially the glasses and the bob.

EDIT: Thanks to the anonymous commenter who pointed out that the bike belongs to Koyama Tsuyoshi, not Koyama Rikiya. I ended up finding a bigger version of the pic from his twitter stream, and have substituted it for the smaller one from her blog. In his tweet, he says: "Yuuki Aoi-chan just about able to get on my bike. Lol."

Here are some more photos: one of the two guys (Koyama left) with Ao-chan. And two longer shots of the picture-taking, from Shiraishi Minoru (click first photo to enlarge):

Shiraishi refers to Koyama as "Koyama-aniki" (Big Brother Koyama), as a Japanese gangster would refer to his boss. I think Ao-chan is used to tough-looking guys like this, since her father is one.

Koyama, Kuroda, and Yuuki are all in this summer's new series of the Horizon anime, so these shots were probably taken after a recording session.


Furuba-tan said...

really lovely outfit, especially her shoes?!
and she looks so small on that bike, cute. :3

Andrew said...

Maybe she could get a moped or scooter (like Aki Toyosaki has).

Anonymous said...

This is NOT Koyama Rikiya's Motorcycle.
This is Koyama Tsuyoshi's one.

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- I checked around. You're right. Changed. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Too old... but she likes em old...

Motorcycle Tires said...

I have seen lots of photos of Koyama Tsuyoshi's but this big bike pic is awesome. Such big bikes that look like Transformers.