Thursday, July 19, 2012

seiyuu music: Yuuki Aoi sings DECO*27

Yuuki Aoi sings a song on the new DECO*27 album that goes on sale next week. A terrific animated PV is already up on YouTube and NicoNico Douga.

In her blog, Ao-chan says how happy she is she became a seiyuu, since it has given her a chance to work with people she admires, like DECO*27. "Hey, fellow DECO*27 fans all over Japan, I got a chance to talk a lot with him  > < "

"I had karaage with the whole staff, talking about games we liked, and commenting on recent anime, and thanking the people who uploaded them (lol)."

"No, not just that. We talked about what image to use in the song, and how nervous I was at the Petit Pas live event, and lots of work stuff."

The girl in the song Ao-chan sings -- "Heart's Homing Instinct" 帰想本能 -- is not very capable, and has all sorts of problems, hurts and is hurt, but just hopes she will someday find someone who can love her and whom she can come home to. Ao-chan says that when she read the lyrics, she burst into tears. She says that she learned so much from all the characters she has played, and that helped her sing this song.

I think the song and the performance are both excellent. Ao-chan's voice benefits from a little Vocaloid-style processing, but she really can sing. She has the art of it, and is able to give the song musicality and expressiveness. Not sweet and perfect, but expressive and lovable.

Comments on NicoNico are uniformly positive: "That's Aochan?! ... Voice suits the song... Great arrangement... Lovely song... Cute... I've ordered the album... She really got it!... Yuuki Aoi is my goddess." The song was posted today, and the views on NicoNico (9700) and comments (330) are building up quickly. Of the people who have watched this on NicoNico, 1800 have saved it to their favorites. Views on YouTube went from 350 to almost 900 in the past hour.

The album is called Love Calendar and is available from CDJapan. On his own website, DECO*27 says that when he worked on Ao-chan's album, he was deeply impressed with her expressive power. He says that in this song she is both cute and heartbreaking. The animation is by Ta-k.

Just for interest, here is an interview with DECO*27 that includes a brief view of Ao-chan recording this song:

At one point he says that not only does she really understand a song's worldview, she can get it across in a very singerly way. She's terrific, he says.

And here is a previous Vocaloid version of the same song, for comparison:


Cerephi said...

The age of Yuuki Aoi's reign has come! All the seiyuus are starting to sound like her...