Thursday, July 19, 2012

seiyuu video: Kotobuki Minako at 14, in a film

Seiyuu Kotobuki Minako has always looked older than her years. When she was 14, before she left the Kyoto area for Tokyo, she played 20-year-old Satsuki in a film called Hinami. Here are a couple of scenes:

"Life is something I can grasp in my own hands."

For comparison, here she is actually 20, last fall, in a promo for something called Galapagos, which appears to be a book reader and/or tablet and/or phone:

source: Ota-Suke.


su said...

Wasn't the Galapagos a smartphone / tablet hybrid, pretty much like the galaxy note? :o

hashi said...

@su -- Sounds right. I just took the info from the comment on the site. She looked like she was watching video or playing a game.

Taka said...

She's like the opposite of the 30 year old hollywood actor who is cast to play an 18 year old.

Cybacle said...

I feel like she would be regarded as her age in the Western world - in Asia, a lot of actors/idols are kind of expected to look younger, whereas in America they cast people much older for certain roles (do their high school students really look like high school students?)

Kind of reminds me of when Scarlett Johansson played a 25 year old when she was only 17.