Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seiyuu Video: Misawa Sachika Accel World ED PV clip

Misawa Sachika appears to have struck gold, costarring with Kaji Yuuki in the very popular Accel World. Now we have a clip from the PV of her first single, the ED "Unite," which goes on sale August 1st:

The nineteen-year-old college student certainly looks like no other young idol seiyuu: dark, angular, unsophisticated. I'm not watching the show, but I liked her voice in the episodes I watched. Not highly skilled, but with a certain honesty about it.

This clip makes it appear she can sing and perform well enough. On 2channel, the posters criticizing her voice are now outnumbered by those enamored with her person.

Here are a few recent photos from around the Net (click to enlarge):

With Hidaka Rina. On her blog, Hidaka-san said
they had dinner together and talked about acting.


Kai said...

I like her voice, it sounds very much like a princess. Though don't like the new ED theme too much.

Highway said...

I've fallen in love with this song in the last 4 or 5 days. Her voice is good and fits the song, and the instrumentation for the song is something I really like, understated, you can really hear the individual guitar figures in the verses and bridges. Not that full-spectrum wall-of-sound that pretty much every song is now.

But the new OP for Accel World, that song is just completely ridiculous. They did a good job minimizing it for the show. The full song is hilarious.

Rival Edogawa said...

nice... :)