Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Autumn Anime Popularity in Japan and in the West

There are some striking differences in the popularity of this season's anime in Japan as opposed to in the English-speaking world.

Chunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai is popular in both, but in the West, Little Busters is ahead of it at #1, at least for the moment. In Japan, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is second to Chuuni, and Little Busters is in sixth place. Jojo is halfway down the chart, in the West.

Girls und Panzer ranks quite high on 2channel, whereas Psycho-Pass is high on AnimeSuki. Shin Sekai yori is quite popular on both.

Other differences are of detail, so here is the list for you to ponder, first in the Japanese order, then in the Western order. Some shows are missing because they are new seasons of older shows, and 2channel often just continues on rater than starting a new forum for the new show. Of course, TV ratings will tell a different story: Magi is by far the most watched new show on Japanese TV.

New shows in order of thousand-post threads on 2channel:

          2ch           AS
Chuunibyou 42 2042
JoJo 33 391
Girls und Panzer 26 679
Busou Shinki 23 213
Shin Sekai yori 22 1009
Little Busters 19 4748
Magi 17 818
Psycho-Pass 17 1420
K 14 950
Sakurasou 13 626
Ixion Saga 8 314
OniAi 8 509
Gyrozetter 7 62
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 7 345
Robotics;Notes 6 459
Zetsuen no Tempest 6 371
Btooom 6 340
Kamisama Hajimemashita 5 168
To Love-ru Darkness 5 426
Sukitte ii na yo 5 156
Code:Breaker 4 215
Teekyu 3 31
Aikatsu 2 24
Aoi Sekai no Chuushin 1 52

New shows in order of number of posts on AnimeSuki forums:

        AS           2ch
Little Busters 4748 19
Chuunibyou 2042 42
Psycho-Pass 1420 17
Shin Sekai yori 1009 22
K 950 14
Magi 818 17
Girls und Panzer 679 26
Sakurasou 626 13
OniAi 509 8
Robotics;Notes 459 6
To Love-ru Darkness 426 5
JoJo 391 33
Zetsuen no Tempest 371 6
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 345 7
Btooom 340 6
Ixion Saga 314 8
Code:Breaker 215 4
Busou Shinki 213 23
Kamisama Hajimemashita 168 5
Sukitte ii na yo 156 5
Gyrozetter 62 7
Aoi Sekai no Chuushin 52 1
Teekyu 31 3
Aikatsu 24 2
Figures as of a couple of hours ago.


relentlessflame said...

In the case of 2ch, are these threads cumulative since the time the anime adaptation was announced, or only since it started airing? I know at least as far as AS goes, you'd get pretty different results if you just compared posts since the airing vs. the pre-airing hype.

hashi said...

@relentlessflame -- In the few cases I've checked, they are cumulative on 2channel, as I think they are on AS. On AS, I think a lot of Little Busters popularity was pre-air, was it not?

Highway said...

With Little Busters, I think it might be a mistake to call all that discussion 'popularity'. I don't read AS (it has far too many posts for me to keep up with, and too many contentless posts, imo), but as far as twitter goes, it seems like everyone is complaining about Little Busters. It's the same way on popular anime blogs as well, to the point where anyone who shows support for the show is shouted down. I don't think it's a bad show, and in this past summer season it would probably be a little better in comparison, but it's getting trounced in quality by quite a few other shows this fall.

Girls und Panzer has got to be the surprise of the season, I think. It's a show I just can't stop talking about. I'm surprised that Busou Shinki is that high up on 2ch, it's almost forgotten in the US (I've been watching it, and it's enjoyable, but certainly nothing to really talk about). Everything else seems to be about where I'd imagine it to be.

hashi said...

@Highway -- Good points there (except for dissing AnimeSuki, which I think has a lot of good threads, as well as some bad ones).

Yes, "popularity" is not exactly accurate. I remember dealing with that many comparison posts ago, but I should repeat the fact that this is number of posts, or maybe "degree of interest," as opposed to actual popularity.

I finally started watching Girls und Panzer -- which I had imagined was just another girls-as-weapons show -- and was struck by how interesting and well done it is. I am especially glad that Fuchigami Mai seems to be doing such a nice job of a very different character from her Maekawa-san in Denpa Onna.

I have stuck with Little Busters so far, despite not really liking it at all, and after ep4 feel that maybe, just maybe, the Key emotions will start to rise. I watched one ep of Busou Shinki and couldn't get much from it.

Highway said...

Mostly I was saying why AS is not for me, as I am more comfortable at sites where I can read every post about subjects I'm interested in, and their policies hamper that with such huge threads that move very quickly. It's better when they allow a show a subforum, but when all discussion for a show has to be on one thread, I just have a hard time wrapping my head around it, and wading through the chaff to get to the wheat.

I've stuck with Little Busters as well, and haven't found it terrible (like some other shows that I've dropped). However, the number of squeaky girls will have to stop increasing, or it will just bug me too much. With Komari, Kud, and Rin, I just don't like their voices, and when it was just Rin not talking a lot I could handle it, but with a lot more of Komari talking and if Kud ends up talking a lot, I just don't think I'll find it enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little amazed that SAO didn't make either of the rankings.

I find that SAO is overly discussed in the Western world, mostly because they have only just been exposed to the whole franchise. Seeing as the web novels were around since the early 2000s and the official novels by the end of the decade, there might be less hype for it in Japan.

Or there could be more, I'm not really too sure.

hashi said...

@Anonymous -- SAO is from last season, so I didn't include it here. For one thing, since the threads on 2channel have continued since the beginning, it would have been very difficult for me to know how many threads were posted this season and how many last season. That being said, SAO is still among the most discussed shows on 2channel, right up there with Chuunibyou, Girls und Panzer, and Jojo.

Metal said...

I am also suprised that SAO did not make the list. When I go to anime discussion board, it seems like SAO is the most popular anime and almost as popular as the big tier anime lists like Naruto, Fairy Tail & One Piece

hashi said...

@Metal -- I guess my previous comment was not well stated: SAO began last season. That means I can't make a fair comparison between post numbers between it and shows that began this season, since without more work than I can manage, I can't tell how many of the posts come from this season, as opposed to last season. It has many more posts over two seasons (260K+) than, say Girls und Panzer (144K+) over its half-season plus, but GuP is getting many more posts an hour right now.

SAO is extremely popular, with me as well as with other fans. Right now, in terms of posts per hour on 2channel, it is running third or fourth, after GuP, Chuunibyou, and possibly Sakurasou (which is getting a huge number of silly negative posts because of a Korean soup that appeared in one episode).

Sorry I couldn't include SAO in the list, but I couldn't figure out how to do it fairly.