Monday, October 22, 2012

Character/seiyuu pages: Psycho-Pass, Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne

Here are character/seiyuu pics and info for two more new shows. One features a performance that may be Hanazawa Kana's best. The other features a new 14-year-old seiyuu who may be something very special.

Hanazawa Kana
Psycho-pass is a police drama in the noitaminA time-slot. It is set in a future Japan in which psychological tendencies can be identified and potential criminals locked up before they commit a crime.

Our heroine, played by Hanazawa Kana, is a brilliant newly graduated police inspector who finds that the real world is a bit more complicated than she expected. The story is by Urobuchi Gen, who writes for Nitroplus and did both Madoka Magika and Fate/Zero.

I was lukewarm to the first episode, but episode 2 bowled me over. Terrific direction and storyboarding, and an amazing performance by Kana-chan, whose tone of voice just drove the episode forward. Her co-star is Seki Tomokazu, who was also at his best.

Add Ishida Akira, Sawashiro Miyuki, Nojima Kenji, Itou Shizuka, and the gravelly maturity of Arimoto Kenryuu (Patrick Zala in Gundam Seed) and you really have something -- with Sakurai Takahiro yet to come.

OniAi (Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne) is a full-on harem show featuring the long-lost bro-con sister who comes to live with her brother, the live-in manager of a residence for women. Get it? I resisted, but resistance is futile: the performances and the humour just work.

It's very different kind of cast, featuring  14-year-old new seiyuu Kido Ibuki as the bro-con sister. Remember that name. Her big voice is a terrific instrument, she uses it very well, and she can be funny.

The harem lead, Ohsaka Ryouta, is 26 and got his first big role as Yuki in tsuritama. His road to the profession wasn't easy: he had wanted to be a seiyuu since he began high school, but after going up to Tokyo from his home in Tokushima and graduating in acting from a community college, then attending courses at an agency's seiyuu school, he failed the school's final audition. Fortunately, the Early Wing agency had a special audition and they selected him from that.

Chihara Minori uses her soft voice well as a dry-witted ojou-san who is also enamored with the brother. Shimoda Asami is his childhood friend, who has transferred schools to be with him. She has played the Futami twins in Idolm@ster, and the male role of Yuuki in Asa Made Jugyou Chu. As a personality, Asa-pon is all over TV and radio. She has done a lot of stage plays, and dubbing, and her voice samples are used for the Vocaloid singers Rin and Len Kagamine. And that's not to mention Kitamura Eri; or Takamoto Megumi, who was Ushio in Sasameki Koto and Saitohimea in Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi.

And there is not just one 14-year-old seiyuu, but another who is 13. Young Morohoshi Sumire, however, is not a newcomer: she has acted in over 20 TV dramas and over 20 animes, as well as dubbing an even larger number of foreign TV shows and films. She currently has her first starring anime role, in Aikatsu. Paku Romi once said that she was such a sensitive actress that the adult seiyuus on the set realized they had to do their best just to keep up.

Check out the cowboybibimbop blog for more pics of Kido Ibuki. Also see the official site for the radio show that she and Asa-pon do. There's a nice little video of her there, showing her powerful voice. She doesn't turn 15 until November 14, but she is clearly no shrinking violet:

Her delivery is a lot better in the anime, lol.


Highway said...

I resisted Psycho-Pass longer than most people did, instead wasting my time on K's first episode (which you might be able to tell I didn't like at all). But I'm really glad I gave PsychoPass a try, because I really like the way they've constructed the world, and I like the way they've set up Tsunemori's character. I liked where they went with both episodes, and I really like that they reinforced and supported the more optimistic viewpoint of Tsunemori, rather than (so far) playing "Beat the innocence and naivety out of her". There's still time for that, but a *hopeful* police drama story would be something that I would welcome heartily.

OniAi, the first ep was a laugh riot, the second was a little letdown, but the third was back to hilarious, especially because of Kido Ibuki's performance. I don't know *why* her screaming as Anastasia interposed herself in their lunch was so funny, but it was. I also like the slightly different harem lead male character, who knows what all the girls are after, and is resisting them all actively, while still trying to be nice to them.

Andrew said...

I second Tsunemori's viewpoint re. Psycho-Pass, which I am eagerly watching this season. Of course, knowing Urobuchi, I have a feeling that being Akane will be suffering later on. Hopefully Kana-chan knows what she might be in for, unlike Madoka's seiyuu cast.

Highway said...

Well, I do take heart in the fact that, despite how hopeless it looked at the beginning of the last episode, Madoka Magica had what can only be called a happy ending, even if there was still strife and problems in the world.