Friday, October 26, 2012

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai -- Holy Places

As you would imagine, Japanese fans have been busy identifying, touring and photographing the real places used as backdrops for this new Kyoto Animation anime.

The show is not set in one particular place, but its backgrounds are based on locations in and around the city of Otsu 大津, at the south end of Lake Biwa, just northeast of Kyoto.

Here is one fan's Google Map, which I hope will continue to be filled in. Here are one blog's pages for the OP and ep1, and for eps 2-3. I hope that blogger will continue as the episodes progress. And here is another blog's compendium of scenes.

For example, here is a montage of the scenes at the end of the OP, along with a photo of a real place, the double railway bridge over the Setagawa River 瀬田川 at Ishiyama 石山, in the eastern part of Otsu:

Now here is a scene from episode one, with its real-life location on the platform at Anou Station 京阪穴太駅, northwest of Otsu:

The school scenes use the Old Kaigake Elementary School 旧鎌掛小学校 at Hino 日野町, in the countryside southeast of Otsu:

From the overview of the school, you can see how the artists just use photos as a basis, but make whatever changes they want:

Here's a scene from the OP, with its location at Karahashi Park 唐橋公園, next to the Setogawa road bridge at Ishiyama:

And here is another scene from Karahashi Park:

Even surrounding residential streets get into the action. Here is a street east of the railway crossing north of Anou Station:

Finally, here is a video posted October 8 of one fan's visit to the area:

For no particular reason except my love of The Tale of Genji, I have to add that Lady Murasaki is supposed to have started writing that novel in August 1004 AD, when she was living at the Ishiyama-dera temple, on the river about a mile south of the big bridges shown in the anime.


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MarcosV said...

Lake Biwa. It's been a long time since I attended an all-weekend jazz festival there.

Any idea if these locations were mentioned by KyoAni or did the fans have to really search to find them all?

hashi said...

@MarcosV -- The Shiga Prefecture Location Office, a school (not the main one, by name) and the KeiHan Railway are in the end-credits, so that was a start. The latter blog I link to says that all he knew was that it was Shiga Prefecture, and he searched things out from there, traveling together with the owner of the first blog I link to and the owner of another blog that specializes in "holy sites" in the Kyoto region.

Highway said...

In the same vein, this tour of Oarai came up on YouTube showing the places that were shown in the tank battle in GuP episode 4. Neat for the same reasons, and the depictions in the show were dead on.

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