Saturday, November 10, 2012

seiyuu video: Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori

If you've ever wondered why the singing duo YuiKaori is popular, this video may give you part of the answer. It's the video of last Monday's episode of their weekly radio show. You don't have to understand Japanese to enjoy their attractiveness and playful personalities.

YuiYui is on the left, Carrie on the right. As usual with NicoNico videos, the video will take a while to appear. To get rid of the crawling comments, click the (...) balloon at the lower right.

I was directed to this video by a Japanese headline that said: "It's bad, Hanazawa-san! Ishihara Kaori is in Heaven Sexually Harassing Ogura Yui." Over the past few months, Kana-chan has several times expressed her fondness for Yui.

There's a bit of touchy-feely throughout the show, but the part referred to in the headline starts around the 20-minute mark, when they are doing a game where first Yui and then Carrie tries to distract the other while she is reading. Yui gets pretty close, but Carrie touches Yui in many places and then appears to kiss her (she denies she actually did).

The duo got its start doing the ED for the rather explicit bro-con anime Kiss x Sis, and the erotic undertones continue to be part of their image.

Yui is the fool in the duo, and Carrie the straight man. Carrie often glances at the camera as if to say: "Isn't she cute and silly?" The two are both good-looking, but somehow they always make me think of crocodiles. Maybe it's their large mouths. And maybe they both give me a bit of a predatory feeling. But not in a bad way, lol.

Yui is 17, Carrie 19. They have been singing together for over two years. Yui was already a well-known young idol, and had done dancing that was digitized for Hatsune Miku. She is getting better as a seiyuu, for instance as Alice in Kami-sama no Memo-chou and as Yuzurina in NakaImo. Carrie has recently become a real seiyuu star, starring in Rinne no Lagrange and Magi, and co-starring in shows such as AnoNatsu and NakaImo.

They are both part of the Happy Style idol agency, and they also sing with two other agency members as the group Stylips.


vic said...

Here's a video of that specific corner!

And a video compilation of some of the best Yui-Kyari moments:

hashi said...

@vic -- Lol. Thanks for those. Just great. I also want to explain why I called キャリー "Carrie" rather than the more literal "Kyari." I've always wanted to, since the katakana made me think there was some foreign feeling to her nickname, and I do hear Yui pronounce it "Kari," which I think is how it would be pronounced if it was a foreign word. I just looked it up, and she supposedly got the nickname from friends because she looked like Yukari in Paradise Kiss, whom Miwako called "Caroline" (キャロライン) and sometimes "Carrie" (キャリー, which could also be "Kari"). I'm not saying I'm sure what's right, just explaining myself, lol.

vic said...

LOL yeah she does look a little like Yukari from ParaKiss! Actually, I meant to type "Kaori" in my comment above but I guess I was thinking of her nickname hahaha.

BTW, not sure if you're interested, but I just came back from AFA (Anime Festival Asia, held in Singapore) and they premièred the first trailer of Hentai Ouji (, and I'm pretty sure I heard Ogura Yui voicing the female lead, Tsutsukakushi Tsukiko! I'll be over the moon if they brought her (and Kaori!) to AFA next year!! There are also hints that Hanazawa might return to AFA next year, so even more potential for some yuri action. LOL

hashi said...

@vic -- I've been following AFA a bit on Twitter and have been very impressed (not to mention envious). Quite a line-up.

As for "Carrie," I reread the English translation of the ParaKiss manga and the translators did キャリー as "Carrie," so I'm going to stick with that as Kaori's nickname. Good manga, of course, too.

MT said...

If Hanazawa is coming to SG next year, I will be going to AFA; I missed her appearance in 2010.