Thursday, February 23, 2012

Supercell Live-action PV "Kokuhaku"

A live PV of ED2 of the anime Guilty Crown, "Kokuhaku", has appeared on Niconico Douga.

The singer is Koeda, who did OP1. She's about 16, and was one of the two girls chosen last summer in auditions to replace nagi. The woman in the PV is probably her, but not necessarily: Supercell has used an actor in a PV before, I believe. Comments on Nico say ryo appears, too, but I wouldn't know: I can't find a photo of him to compare. Maybe he's the guy on piano.

I think Koeda's voice, although not exactly "beautiful," is wonderfully musical and strong. She really does things with rhythm, dynamics, and intonation. Great song, and good PV, cut to suit the music.

As for the anime Guilty Crown itself, I liked it through the first few episodes, but have had trouble getting back into it after being away. I enjoyed its extravagance, but by episode 13, it was becoming a bit too much of a parody of itself even for me.

The scrolling comments on the video can be turned off by clicking the three dots at the lower right-hand corner.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Best Yuuki Aoi Video Ever (Link)

Yuuki Aoi is becoming more and more herself: a quick, brash, informal otaku college student with irrepressible energy. Her recent appearance at a Symphogear talk event is the most enjoyable video of her I've seen. She appeared with Elements Garden music producer Agematsu Noriyasu and host Washizaki Takeshi.

Unfortunately, the person who uploaded the video to NicoNico Douga has prevented people from embedding it in other pages. But here is a link to the first fifteen minutes of the show, and here is a link to the second fifteen minutes. There is also a single link to a full version with all the viewers' comments scrolling across the screen. (If you haven't registered for NicoNico Douga yet, you can find instructions in English by Googling "register nico". Pick a more recent site, since the look of the sign-up page has changed in the past couple of years.)

Ao-chan seems to have gained some support through the video. Comments like "She's funny," and "She really is cute," are frequent. As are long strings of lol's (in Japanese: "wwww"). Washizaki refers to her as a "genius seiyuu." She demurely expresses embarrassment and then says Uematsu is the genius.

No-one, either participants or commenters, quite knows how to react when Ao-chan picks up a figure of her Symphogear character, Hibiki, and holds it up high so everyone can see it from below, then says: "Yes, she seems to be wearing panties." Comments appear referring to her "otaku eye."

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Seiyuu Audio: Yuuki/Nakamura Taiyou no Ie Drama CD

Yuuki Aoi and Nakamura Yuuichi star in a drama CD that comes with a special edition of v5 of the manga Taiyou no Ie, which went on sale last week. Here is a sample:

This is one of my current favorite mangas. I hope this is one case where (a) the drama CD means an anime is in the works, and (b) the anime keeps the drama CD cast.

You can see some of the manga in English here, and even more in Chinese here.