Friday, April 06, 2012

Natsuiro Kiseki -- characters/seiyuus pics/info (Sphere)

The Natsuiro Kiseki official site has some good pics of the four main characters and their seiyuus (viz., the members of Sphere) in its "characters" section, so I put the pics together on a page.

For some reason, I had trouble keeping straight who was playing whom, and this page helped to fix it in my mind. Click here or on the image to go to full page:

There is also a nice shot of the four ladies together, with the two who seem to be the leads in this show in the foreground:

Monday, April 02, 2012

Koeda -- What a Singer!

I've had this post ready to go for a while. I prepared it as a contrast to what I expected to be a fairly lame first album from Yuuki Aoi. Well, Ao-chan was a heck of a lot better singer than I expected.

But Koeda, the current lead singer for supercell, is still something above and beyond. She is a tremendously accomplished singer, despite being no older than 16. The more I listen to her work, the more I like it.

Watch this video of the second Guilty Crown ED "Kokuhaku". In addition to a powerful voice, she has great musicality, combining phrasing and dynamics to enrich the song tremendously. No two lines are the same, each having a little twist or turn that gives it interest and meaning. And yet she emphasizes all the song's own rhythms and repetitions at the same time.

For me, this and her first song, My Dearest, are the most exciting debut of an anime singer since then-15-year-old Hayami Saori's ED for Touka Gettan, in 2007. This is from Nicovideo, so you may have to wait a minute for the video to appear:

Just to show that this one song is no fluke, here is the 15-year-old Koeda's first Guilty Crown OP, "My Dearest":

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Itou Shizuka: Shizuka-sama

If anyone can make a living as a seiyuu, it's Itou Shizuka.

She does from ten to twenty TV anime a year, plus OVAs and animated films. She does a fair amount of dubbing of foreign TV, movies, and anime.

She does a large number of all-ages games, and plenty of ero-games as well (mainly as "Misaki Rina").

And she has numerous character-song CDs out, to go with a very list of drama CDs. And she does lots of radio shows.

This is a real pro. Her range is wide -- young girls, adult women; cheerful girls, mannish women, cool women, seductive women; young men; animals. Recently her roles have tended to be strong women with something erokakkoii (sexy/cool) about them.

Even more than all this professional excellence, however, her biggest fame may be as a drinker. She plays up her love of alcohol. Her blog picture (at shows her happily holding a bottle of wine.

She is also famous as half of the most publicized yuri seiyuu couple, with Nabatame Hitomi. They may or may not be romantic partners, but they are certainly close friends.

Madoka Magica event video: Yuuki Aoi, Chiwa, KitaEri, Nonaka, Mizuhashi, Emirin

Madoka Magica seiyuu talk event held this morning at the Anime Contents Expo trade show. Streamed live on NicoNico Douga.

(l-r) Nonaka Ai (Kyouko), Kitamura Eri (Sayaka), Yuuki Aoi (Madoka), Saitou Chiwa (Homura), Mizuhashi Kaori (Mami), Katou Emiri (Kyuubei).

Commenters on NicoNico and 2channel were impressed by all the seiyuus' ability to suddenly shift to speaking in the voice of their character. They find Yuuki Aoi exceedingly "high-tension" but cute. "The whole cast turns out to be pretty women; what a surprise.... Nonaka Ai may be the cutest of all.... Katou Emiri is great...."

Note Katou Emiri's even teeth -- the good result of a couple of years of orthodontia.