Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yuuki Aoi mini-album "Petit Pas" track by track

Yuuki Aoi's mini-album Petit Pas (French for "small step") proves she can actually sing. Who knew?

Some Yuuki fans already liked her singing in songs like "Platinum," a World God Only Knows character song; and "Gangnir," a song from Symphogear. But for me, those were just okay: good attempts by a seiyuu who can sing a bit.

This album, however, is a different thing altogether. It's a work of art. I've probably listened to it over 20 times and enjoy it at least as much now as the first time I heard it.

It's a dramatic concept album. The songs are from the point of view of various inhabitants of a miniature garden, part of which is an amusement park.

Ao-chan sings differently in every one, bringing her seiyuu skills to bear on creating a character and a singing style that matches the character.

She is hardly a singer of the same quality as a Takagaki Ayahi or a Hayami Saori. Her voice isn't "pretty" or trained. But she communicates, she hits the notes, she creates interesting rhythms, she can bring out the melody in a song, and she can rock out in the songs that call for it. One high note in Sugar Loop is amazing. But the main thing is that she makes an effective drama out of each song.

Anyway, here are brief samples from each track, with details and a bit of comment. The album itself can be purchased through CDJapan or YesAsia. My favorite tracks are tracks four through eight.

 1.Miniature Garden Mirage ハコニワミラージュ

music/arrangement Inai Keiji 井内啓二. lyrics Nakano Aiko 中野愛子.

A little girl gazes pensively up into the sky. This gentle introductory song exposes Ao-chan's voice completely -- and it passes the test. In fact, I wish there were more songs like this with less orchestration to obscure the details of her singing.