Saturday, June 09, 2012

Which seiyuus have the most Twitter followers?

Sugita Tomokazu
Here's a list of the thirty seiyuus with the most Twitter followers. It's interesting that many of the younger voices aren't on Twitter -- or at least aren't on Twitter publicly.

The top names? Sugita Tomokazu and Hirano Aya, with Sugita's TV partner Nakamura Yuuichi third. And you thought Aya had disappeared.... Haruhi and Kyon keep echoing down the years.

The source says that there are changes in the order over time, but the top ten have remained the same names since February. Here's the list, men and women:

Hirano Aya
Sugita Tomokazu  354,707
Hirano Aya   317,142
Nakamura Yuuichi  269,142
Tamura Yukari  223,170
Kitamura Eri 187,001
Kaji Yuuki   154,094
Tanaka Rie  145,131
Inoue Marina 134,087
Ohtsuka Akio  132,371
10  Taketatsu Ayana  129,423