Friday, June 15, 2012

Koeda and supercell -- (not so) new music video

There's no doubt about it: she's godly. Here is another music video from teen singer Koeda, singing with supercell. The song, released in March with Kokuhaku, is called Our Footprints. The band appears on-screen starting about halfway through. Since this is from NicoNico, the embedded video will take a while to appear. Have faith.

Last summer, ryo held auditions to choose a new singer for supercell, to succeed nagi (Yanagi Nagi). He chose 17-year-old Chelly and 15-year-old Koeda. Their first work was OPs and EDs for the anime Guilty Crown.

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Sakamoto Maaya/Kanno Youko Single Video Clip

Here's a clip from the music video of Sakamoto Maaya's new single, More than Words モアザンワーズ, composed and arranged by Kanno Youko.

It is the OP to the Code Geass OVA that will come out on August 4. The single will be released July 25.