Thursday, July 19, 2012

seiyuu music: Yuuki Aoi sings DECO*27

Yuuki Aoi sings a song on the new DECO*27 album that goes on sale next week. A terrific animated PV is already up on YouTube and NicoNico Douga.

In her blog, Ao-chan says how happy she is she became a seiyuu, since it has given her a chance to work with people she admires, like DECO*27. "Hey, fellow DECO*27 fans all over Japan, I got a chance to talk a lot with him  > < "

"I had karaage with the whole staff, talking about games we liked, and commenting on recent anime, and thanking the people who uploaded them (lol)."

seiyuu video: Kotobuki Minako at 14, in a film

Seiyuu Kotobuki Minako has always looked older than her years. When she was 14, before she left the Kyoto area for Tokyo, she played 20-year-old Satsuki in a film called Hinami. Here are a couple of scenes:

"Life is something I can grasp in my own hands."

For comparison, here she is actually 20, last fall, in a promo for something called Galapagos, which appears to be a book reader and/or tablet and/or phone:

Monday, July 16, 2012

New Nabatame Hitomi - Itou Shizuka TV show

Old partners Nabatame Hitomi and Itou Shizuka have returned as the sixth generation of hosts of the TV show Tsurege, in which pairs of seiyuus play video games together.

Already in their first show, Shizuka's trademark can of beer came out.

And when she was frightened by something in the game, she started massaging Naba-sama's breast.

Just another day at the office (click images to enlarge).

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seiyuu Video: Misawa Sachika Accel World ED PV clip

Misawa Sachika appears to have struck gold, costarring with Kaji Yuuki in the very popular Accel World. Now we have a clip from the PV of her first single, the ED "Unite," which goes on sale August 1st:

The nineteen-year-old college student certainly looks like no other young idol seiyuu: dark, angular, unsophisticated. I'm not watching the show, but I liked her voice in the episodes I watched. Not highly skilled, but with a certain honesty about it.

This clip makes it appear she can sing and perform well enough. On 2channel, the posters criticizing her voice are now outnumbered by those enamored with her person.

Here are a few recent photos from around the Net (click to enlarge):