Saturday, November 10, 2012

seiyuu video: Ogura Yui and Ishihara Kaori

If you've ever wondered why the singing duo YuiKaori is popular, this video may give you part of the answer. It's the video of last Monday's episode of their weekly radio show. You don't have to understand Japanese to enjoy their attractiveness and playful personalities.

YuiYui is on the left, Carrie on the right. As usual with NicoNico videos, the video will take a while to appear. To get rid of the crawling comments, click the (...) balloon at the lower right.

I was directed to this video by a Japanese headline that said: "It's bad, Hanazawa-san! Ishihara Kaori is in Heaven Sexually Harassing Ogura Yui." Over the past few months, Kana-chan has several times expressed her fondness for Yui.

There's a bit of touchy-feely throughout the show, but the part referred to in the headline starts around the 20-minute mark, when they are doing a game where first Yui and then Carrie tries to distract the other while she is reading. Yui gets pretty close, but Carrie touches Yui in many places and then appears to kiss her (she denies she actually did).