Saturday, February 16, 2013

Love Live! -- Characters and Seiyuus

This is one of my favorite shows of the current season. Mainly for the outstanding drawing and animation, but also because the story moves at a nice pace and the characters are vivid.

The cast is a mixture of young seiyuus just now becoming stars, and idols doing their first seiyuu work. This show is the product of a real idol project that started in 2010 and has produced a number of music videos separate from the anime.

Click here or on the image to go to a full page with pics of the characters and their seiyuus, and some info about each seiyuu:

The star is Nitta Emi, who debuted as Kotori in last year's TP Sakura OVA. This season, she is starring both in this show, as Honoka, and in DC Da Capo III, as Ricca.

With her is Nanjou Yoshino (the student council president), whose role as Akino in Robotics;Notes proved that she has become a real seiyuu, as well as the singer she is with fripSide. The other two known names in the main cast are Uchida Aya (Kotori; Himawari in Vividred Operation) and Minori Suzuko (Umi; Sherlock in Milky Holmes).

But the unknowns are even more interesting. Iida Riho (Rin) was a teen photo-idol, with numerous DVDs and photo books to her name. She has also acted in TV dramas and films.

Kubo Yurika (Hanayo) was a teen model, then after 18 put out a series of fairly sexy (but not quite nude) DVDs. She actually does have a bit of seiyuu experience, with small roles in Sakurasou, Sukitte ii na yo and a couple of other shows.

Pile (Maki) is a half-Korean singer who had a single of her own out before she joined the Love Live project in 2010.

The other three members of the main cast have come up in a more normal way, as seiyuus. Kusuda Aina (Nozomi) had bit parts in Penguin Drum and Gon. Tokui Sora (Nico) was Nero in Milky Holmes.


Highway said...

Oh man, is that why I love both Shion (from GJ-bu) and Umi in Love Live! Love Live is definitely one of my top shows, and I'm loving going back and seeing and hearing the singles that they'd released over the last 2 years.

On top of that, the show's really enjoyable, and is hitting that good balance of giving each character enough to work with and be interesting. With so many characters it could get overwhelming, or some could get left out, but they're doing well with it.

My only problem is that they have Kotori sing too much! I'm not a fan of her voice (but Himawari doesn't bother me, really).

hashi said...

@Highway -- I'm enjoying discovering those singles, too. Who knew? Lol.

As for Mimorin, I never was able to watch more than a few minutes of Milky Holmes, so I wasn't very familiar with her work. But in these two roles, she's showing a lot. Clearly, there's more to her popularity than I realized.

Of course I give a lot of credit to the animation by Nishida Asako and Sunrise for the quality of this show, but Hanada Jukki doing series composition helps, too. A sure hand.

Highway said...

I sure didn't, but I think I wouldn't have been that interested in them without the initial kick from the anime. As it is, I've listened to Wonderful Rush about 50 times in the last week.

I find the animation on the dance sequences to be excellent, with the sole exception being the character face shapes in the CG parts (and this is more of a problem in the anime than in the singles). The lower half of faces seem a little tight, and the neck movements just get a little weird, and those are the only things that break me out of immersion. But what's really good is that they've got the whole dance sequences coreographed for the whole group, so there are no parts where the focus reveals someone who couldn't be doing what they're doing because they were somewhere else just before. Even when it requires something that's not really professional, like Start:Dash did with Honoka having to run up from behind Umi and Kotori in the second verse.

I just love almost everything about the show. :)

Anonymous said...

This ought to be made a textbook example on how to make a popular show: good and clean in everything with a simple story, so it's too perfect.

However, the character designs and the simplistic storyline (I feel like I could easily predict the finale, based from the premise of saving the school) put me off from trying to watch.

Patricia Anne Nipa said...

wahhhh!! I love love live so much I couldn't live a day without watching it, that's why I've downloaded it's episodes so I can watch it over and over again. I don't know why but I feel like I'm missing something. Can I ask something? and if it is ok will someone answer this?

uhhm. Is there another season in love live? If it has then when will it be released on t.v or in websites. I would really like to hear some good news about this.

Thank you in advance ^_^