Thursday, February 14, 2013

Youth Movement: GJ-bu Characters and Seiyuus

This show is no masterpiece, but it does amuse me every week with its subtle -- some might say simple -- humour.

It may be the seiyuus who make it work, from the capable Shimono Hiro, through the energy of Uchida Maaya, to Mimori Suzuko showing that she has some range. And now that I come to learn about all the seiyuus, I realize that this show has the highest concentration of young teen seiyuus I can remember: two 13-year-olds and others 14, 15 and 16.

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Thirteen-year-old child actress Arakawa Chika plays Kirara. Morohoshi Sumire, who is the same age and the star of Aikatsu, plays Mao's little sister. Another child actress, Aoi Wakana (14) plays Kirara's sister. Kido Ibuki (15) returns as Kyouro's sister, after her triumph as Akiko in OniAi. Miyamoto Yume (Monami in Capeta), who plays Megumi, is almost old at 16, and has far more anime experience than the young TV actresses.

Add to them the fascinating Uesaka Sumire (21) and finally Tsunematsu Ayumi (29), who was Marina Ismail in Gundam00 and does a terrific job here as the maid Mori-san.

Not all of the young seiyuus have yet appeared in the show. I'm waiting to hear them.


Anonymous said...

Seems like a new generation of talent is popping up.

Kamon said...

I love this show.

I like how it's filled with service...of the most innocuous kind. :P

Highway said...

It's weird, I still don't really know what this show is getting at, but it's definitely something that's enjoyable to watch. The low-key teasing of Kyoro, the quirkiness of Shion and Kirara especially, the rather off-kilter way they talk about topics.

As someone else said about it "When I figure out what it's about, I'll let you know." But I'm still watching it to find out.

Restia said...

^lol hi Highway! Fancy seeing you here hahaha

I think the cast is doing fine, atleast not bad, except for Seira and Geraldine. Those were quite bad. ._. but I have high expectations for Kisume- I mean uh I arleady use this joke on Omo's blog. Anywho, the point being that it's DEKOMORIIIIIII

hashi said...

@Restia -- I thought Kasumi (Kido Ibuki) was outstanding: force, subtlety, interesting cadences. I'll give a pass to Seira and Jill for one episode. We'll see how they sound when they get more to say. Seira's seiyuu is actually pretty good in some roles (see Aikatsu). As for Jill (Aoi Wakana) TV/film actors often sound flat in anime. I guess anime demands more brightness and less naturalness.

Highway said...

I was chalking up Jill's performance to the halting english dialogue, not anything else. I thought the delivery was fine, just typically "English".

inspyral said...

GJ-bu was probably the show I had the lowest expectations of this season, but it's turned out to be one of my weekly favorites. It seems like the Seinfeld of Anime to me - it's not really about anything important, but the characters mesh well and have good chemistry and there's a lot of humor. By the way, the pic for Ibuki looks like Shimoda Asami. Google seems to agree:

hashi said...

@inspyral -- And Google appears to be right. (Originating page.) Thanks for that. I hadn't realized how much alike they actually do look (although the bangs/straight hair probably did it). But that was Asapon. Must have got it from Google Images at some point (not now). I did wonder at the fact that Kido-san would be wearing a jean jacket.